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Schneider Group looking ahead with optimism

Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH, based in Bad Kreuznach, and its subsidiaries have come through the economic crisis in good shape. Total revenues in 2009 were down 7 million to 77.5 million euros (-8.2%) compared to the previous year. However, this decline is primarily due to the previously planned divestment in early 2009 of company shares in commercial trade with digital cameras under the Praktica brand in the UK. In 2008, this subsidiary generated 5.3 million euros in revenues. A second reason for the decline was the reluctance of industrial companies to invest during the downturn. The ...


Optical imaging systems: New Series of Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter (AOTF) Video Adapters for Hyperspectral Imaging

The VA200 video adapter has C-Mount input/output mechanical interface, which can be plugged into the C-Mount video port of any microscope. Also, a F-Mount to C-Mount adapter makes it compatible with a Nikon >=20mm SRL lenses as well. The VA200 video adapter comes with two zoom lenses and a F-Mount to C-Mount adapter. The VA200 video adapter with Brimrose Synthesizer Electronics provides narrow bandwidth, rapid wavelength selection, and intensity control. The designed wavelength ranges depends on the customer's camera and Brimrose's AOTF device. The high spatial resolution ...


New generation of tire measuring systems with SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH servo hydraulics

Schneider-Kreuznach now also supplies hydraulic technology for tire testing machines from Testing Service GmbH. What tipped the scales in favour of Schneider hydraulic systems was the precise pressure resistance of the servovalve (HVM 061). As a result, test series can be compared on different tire testing machines. The valve?s particularly small space requirements when installed and the variability of the digital controller (HE 304) also played a key role. Tire testing machines are used to check the friction coefficients, rolling resistance and life cycle in the development of new ti ...


Princeton Optronics Introduces High Power Multi-chip Pump Module at 808nm

The module has four 5x5mm VCSEL chips each delivering 120W of output power each which are connected in series. The chips are mounted on a copper heat sink which is fan cooled which is integrated with the module. The module is ideal for users who want to use a ready made pump for pumping of solid state lasers, illumination and for medical applications. The module can be custom configured for other power levels and other wavelengths. Laser 2000 is sales partner of Princeton Optronics in Germany, Spain and France. Princeton Optronics is a manufacturer of high power VCSELs and VC ...


New LuxxMasterTM Raman Source

The new generation of Raman sources is four times smaller and 30% less expensive than the previous models. Designed for OEM applications, the stabilized laser source is well suited for Raman spectroscopy and sensor applications. Using a volume Bragg grating, the laser wavelength is stabilized at an accuracy of 785.0, ±0.5 nm. The wavelength stability is ±5 nm across the operating temperature range from 0°C to 50°C. At the same time, the full width at half maximum is typically reduced to 0.08 nm. The noise level of the laser is ...


Jenoptik at SEMICON WEST 2010: Dedicated microoptical solutions for Semiconductor&Flat Panel Display Equipment Industry

Jenoptik has expanded its process capabilities in CaF2 (single crystal Calcium Fluoride) for applications in the semiconductor market. These solutions, along with the full range of custom microoptics, will be presented in San Francisco (CA), USA. Highly efficient microoptics from DUV to IR Due to high transparency and excellent lifetime stability, CaF2 is the material of choice for excimer lasers used in the lithography market as well as other high power applications in the deep ultra violet (DUV). The Microoptics business unit of Jenoptik's Optical Systems division stren ...


Jenoptik appointed "Preferred Supplier" to Leica Camera AG, new projects planned

The Digital Imaging business unit of Jenoptik's Optical Systems division is appointed preferred supplier to Leica Camera AG and receives a corresponding award. The two partners will be extending their collaboration to new products. As a result of its excellent production and the fast rampup for the production of the components for the LEICA M9 rangefinder camera, Jenoptik received the Preferred Supplier Award from Leica Systems AG. Jenoptik developed the electronic core components in conjunction with Leica and transferred them to mass production at the Jena site. Jenoptik has sin ...


Sales of Unique Paladin Industrial Ultraviolet Laser Top 1,000

7.2010 - Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) has now shipped over 1000 of the company's unique Paladin series of quasi-CW, high power, ultraviolet lasers. These Paladin lasers are currently available with a choice of 2, 4, 8, 10 or 16 watts of output power at a wavelength of 355 nm. They service a number of applications in the printed circuit board (PCB), semiconductor, solar cell and flat panel display (FPD) industries. "Our Paladin quasi-CW UV industrial lasers are enjoying a banner year for sales into multiple applications in the Microelectronics manufacturing s ...


They Go Through it With a Fine-Tooth Comb: PIFOC® Piezo Drives for Objectives

More and more techniques in microscopy, today, require an improved resolution. This often requires the combination of a large numerical aperture of the objective, that is a large clear aperture, and a large working distance along the optical axis. 3D images of living tissue are then possible, for example with the help of twophoton spectroscopy. For this purpose, PI now offers a PIFOC® piezo Zdrive for objectives with a clear aperture of up to 29 mm. The versions of the proven P-725 and P-721 stage series allow travel ranges up to 400 µm while offering high dynamics and nanometerlevel ...


CW Laser Diodes - Worldwide Cooperation with Well-known

Due to their applications in massproduced consumer products, such as, for example, CD/DVD players or laser printers, red laser diodes have become very inexpensive. So, you have incorporated these diodes into your system and now rely on dependable delivery of said products? It can be very frustrating if these components are suddenly discontinued by manufacturers such as Sony, Sanyo, and Opnext/Hitachi without any substitution or are no longer available in Europe. We offer Alternative Solutions LASER COMPONENTS works with manufacturing partners who are interested in prod ...


Coherent Extends PowerMax Miniaturized Laser Power Meter Line

Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) has expanded its revolutionary PowerMax(TM) -USB/RS series of laser power measurement products with the addition of several new sensors. PowerMax-USB/RS sensors, first introduced in December, 2009, were the world's first to integrate a sensor head with complete meter electronics that are miniaturized within a USB 2.0 or RS 232 cable connector. The original product offering included optical and thermopile sensors that enabled laser power measurement up to the tens of watts range. Now, new PowerMax sensors extend this into the kilowatt range. ...


Lasermet's new laser beam shutter helps prevent accidental exposure to harmful laser beams

The LS-20 Laser Safety Shutter is the latest addition to the family of products from laser safety experts, Lasermet Ltd. It further enhances their range of fullyintegrated laser safety systems, which has been designed to give users total confidence that their laser system has all the necessary protection for safe operation at all times. The LS-20 provides extremely high integrity and features a gravityclose blade and forcedisconnect proving contacts. When open, it allows the laser beam to pass through without interruption but, when closed, it deflects the incoming laser beam away safe ...


All Signs Point to Growth

. Assembly of Fiber Optics Improved delivery times and even greater flexibility were originally the focus of our expansion. The new facilities now also provide us with more space for new equipment, such as additional polishing machines and an innovative inspection and measurement microscope. New production technology has also played a role; in fact, the first AR coatings of the polished connector end facets have produced excellent results. Lens Production Our lens production facility, which opened in 2008, features both fast delivery times and close pro ...


Lines with Homogeneous Distribution of Intensity

If you require a line with a homogeneous distribution of intensity, then you can count on a diffractive optical element. Our partner HoloOR has included a new standard element in its program; this element features a high transmission rate and an excellent diffractive efficiency. Two 1 x 81 spot elements were developed with a 10° and 25° fan angle for the wavelength 532 nm. This results in a separation angle between each of the two adjacent beams of 0.12° and 0.25°. These elements are available both for other wavelengths and in other materials, such as, for example, sapphire. The separation an ...


Home cinema in Cinemascope®: SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH presents a new high-end anamorphic lens

Schneider-Kreuznach has expanded its range of anamorphic lenses for home cinema. With the new CDA 1.33x MF Première lens, the increasingly popular Cinemascope® image format (2.35:1) can now be displayed without distortion using any high-end 16:9 home cinema projector. The Première anamorphic lens enables full HD resolution, even in Cinemascope® format, and completely eliminates ?letterboxing?, i.e. the black bars that appear above and below the image. Thanks to MF Première?s multilayer antireflection coating, colors appear more vibrant and the image is transported from the projector t ...


Non-contact Temperature Measurement in Miniature

LASER COMPONENTS introduces a lowcost module for noncontact temperature measurement with integrated ASIC, made by Dexter Research Center. The MD-0003 module, which comes in a TO-5 housing, utilizes the SMBus with 2 wires. This setup allows up to 100 sensors to be linked to each other. This component is available for 3 V and 5 V applications. The measurement range spans from -70°C to +310°C. In the interval from 0°C to +50°C a repeatability of 0.5 K is achieved. The rate of emission can be adjusted externally. A calibration by the manufacturer is stored in the ASIC. All ...


Jenoptik introduces new laser systems for crystalline photovoltaic onto the market

At the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (PVSEC) in Valencia, Spain, the Lasers & Material Processing division is exhibiting a new and more powerful infrared disk laser for solar cell processing as well as a modular laser system for increasing the efficiency of crystalline solar cells. The new and powerful infrared disk laser JenLas® disk IR70 primarily meets the highly specific requirements of new photovoltaic manufacturing technologies in which efficiency is increased by relocating the contacts onto the rear side of the solar cells. In traditional proc ...


4 MPixel High Speed CMOS Camera

The new VDS Vosskühler CMC-4000 camera achieves up to 200 images per second at a resolution of 2320 x 1726 pixels. Owing to a limitation of the readout area (ROI) the image rate can even be considerably increased. The camera is equipped with a globalshutter sensor exposing all pixels simultaneously and enabling in this way the exact recording of fast moving objects. The CMOS sensor with 10 bit ADconverters used by VDS Vosskühler, achieves excellent and noisefree images in connection with the camera internal fixed pattern noise correction. As digital output CameraLink ( ...


News from Chrosziel: Accessories for Cine-Xenar lenses and sales partnership with Schneider-Kreuznach ISCO Division

Chrosziel announces that it will sell the new Cine-Xenar lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach in Germany and internationally. A complete set of Chrosziel accessories will be offered with the Cine-Xenar lenses. The package includes: 5 lenses, LightWeight Support, MatteBox, DSW©® Direct Swing-Away-System, Follow Focus and a case, for a substantial savings of several thousand Euros. The set with lenses of 25, 35, 50, 75 and 90 mm focal lengths, MatteBox 456 Academy Double, Bellows with Light Prevention Tube, DSW©®500 Adapter, LWS LightWeight Support for FGV 7D-PL, Studio Rig Cine Single follo ...


New OEM Seed Laser Diode Driver for Materials processing and LIDAR systems

AMI?s Model 762 OEM programmable seed laser diode drivers (pump laser diode drivers) are ideal for driving 14-pin butterfly packaged laser diode modules for use in CW or Pulsed fiber MOPA systems. Applications include materials processing, LIDAR systems for remote sensing, laser communication and rangefinding. The driver circuitry operates from a single +5V power source and is capable of providing up to 2.5A of drive current with compliance voltages up to 2.5V. Pulsewidths down to 20ns or less are possible with typical optical pulse risetimes of 10ns. Settings can be made through ana ...


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