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TÜV SÜD provides virtual training courses in Additive Manufacturing

Tn and quality management. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a fast-growing area of industry, particularly in series production, where high hopes are placed in the innovative technology. ?As industrialisation advances in additive manufacturing, the need for specialist expertise is becoming increasingly urgent?, warns Gregor Reischle, Head of Additive Manufacturing at T T A total of eight subjects are addressed, including Fundamentals, Health and Safety, Specifications, and Quality and Production Management as well as Risk Assessment, Process and Design Validation, and Industry Standards. The fee- ...


Connecting Old and New: Ceresana Examines the European Market for Adhesives

Where screws, rivets, or welds were used in the past, the automotive industry is now increasingly using adhesives. Ceresana has now examined the European market for adhesives for the fourth time: In 2019, a total of around 3.51 million tonnes were utilized. The market researchers expect sales generated with adhesives across Europe to grow by 0.5 % per year until 2027. Combining Established and Innovative Materials This latest study by Ceresana not only examines the growing use of adhesives in the automotive industry, where aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastics have to be joined with steel i ...


Diab selects SABIC’s new LNP™ COLORCOMP™ compound to enhance foams for the core of wind turbine blades

Diab Group, a world leader in sandwich composite solutions, chose SABICt in use. These improvements to the core foam material can help designers create new, longer blades that address increasingly stringent standards for precision, weight and consistent quality, and contribute to greater overall energy generation. & Application Development for SABIC   Addressing Wind Energy Challenges The market for wind power is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 7.9 percent between 2020 and 2025, according to Mordor Intelligence. To support this growth, wind turbine blade designs hav ...


Increasing complexity of automotive LED lighting designs creates demand for novel and easy to mold thermoplastics

HOUSTON, TEXAS, February 1, 2021 - The trend toward developing complex, intricate automotive lighting designs using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) has created a need for high-performance thermoplastics with exceptional flow and easy mold release. Design elements such as part and function integration, wider, larger and thinner forward and rear lighting components, and critical aesthetics call for materials that can enable thin walls, aggressive styling with sharp draft angles and an impeccable appearance. SABIC LEDs Illuminate New Designs As LEDsions. The lower operating temperature of LEDs comp ...


New Year Message from Kohei Morikawa, Showa Denko President and CEO

TOKYO, Jan 4, 2021 - Kohei Morikawa, President and CEO of Showa Denko ("SDK"; TSE:4004) announced the following New Year message. I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to everyone who contracted COVID-19 and the people who are in difficulties due to the spread of the disease. COVID-19 is having severe effect on the civic life and corporate activities, and the lives and working conditions of the people has been significantly changed due to the disease. On the other hand, production of hygienic commodities such as masks and antiseptic solutions and electronic devices includi ...


SABIC’s global footprint meets local demand for protective products to help combat COVID-19

SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, is making a significant contribution to the battle against COVID-19 through increased production within its LEXAN SABICound the world. SABIC and its predecessors have a long history as an innovator in polycarbonate technology, having invented polycarbonate resin in 1953, and initiated production of high-performance sheets and films in 1968. Since then, SABIC excels in polycarbonate development with a portfolio of over 350 material grades. SABIC LEXAN protective sheets and films have applications across an extensive range of sectors that are e ...


SABIC collaborates with Beiersdorf to implement sustainable cosmetics packaging using certified renewable polypropylene

SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, today announced that Beiersdorf will be using certified renewable polypropylene (PP) from SABIC SABICman food and animal feed production sources. As part of its CARE BEYOND SKIN Sustainability Agenda with ambitious targets to be implemented by 2025, Beiersdorf wants to make its packaging 100 percent refillable, reusable or recyclable, increase the share of recycled material in plastic packaging to 30 percent and reduce the use of fossil-based virgin plastic by 50 percent (compared to 2019). & Industry Solutions for Petrochemicals at SABI ...


SABIC’S certified circular PP copolymer selected for Unilever’s Knorr® bouillon powder containers produced by Greiner Packaging

SITTARD, THE NETHERLANDS, December 9, 2020 - SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, today announced that the company has been collaborating with Unilever and Greiner Packaging in the development of an innovative new Knorr The selected certified circular polymer grade ‒ SABIC PP FLOWPACT FPC45 impact copolymer ‒ from SABIC flowability for ease of processing on standard injection molding equipment and robust performance for high stackability. Greiner Packaging produces the containers with lids molded in the same material and supplies them together with folded card ...


SABIC launches two new additions to its family of radar absorbing LNP™ STAT-KON™ compounds for automotive radar sensors

BERGEN OP ZOOM, THE NETHERLANDS, December 2, 2020 - SABIC today introduced two new radar absorbing LNPe of physical properties. The high radio frequency (RF) absorption of these compounds can help increase detection range and improve signal resolution. Through materials innovation, SABIC is contributing to the growth of automotive radar and the design of next-generation sensors. Radar sensors are widely used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), where they provide capabilities such as blind spot detection, collision avoidance, automatic braking and traffic alerts. Radar absorbing mate ...


SABIC expands post-consumer recycled engineering thermoplastics for consumer electronics and E&E applications

SHANGHAI, CHINA, November 24, 2020 - Responding to calls from major brands in the consumer electronics business and electrics and electronics (E&E) industry as a whole for more sustainable materials, SABIC nd accessories such as chargers and adapters, printers, copiers and laptop housing. The new PCR material is blended with the virgin material to create compounds with PCR levels of initially up to 30%. According to an internal SABIC LCA Study, these compounds offer potentially significant reductions in carbon footprint of up to 25% and in energy consumption of up to 30% compared to virg ...


SABIC introduces new LEXAN™ Anti-Fog film for clear safety visors, lenses and goggles in high-humidity front-line work environments

HOUSTON, USA, November 26, 2020 - SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, today announced the successful commercialization of LEXANl clarity. LEXAN HP92AF has confirmed its superior anti-fog performance in extensive testing under harshest conditions (see video: and does not exhibit any hazing at saturation as could be observed with competitive materials. Moreover, the anti-fog coating technology has no compromising effect on the abrasion resistance and impact strength of the polycarbonate film. LEXAN HP92AF Anti-Fog film has already prove ...



SITTARD, THE NETHERLANDS, October 22, 2020 - SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, has embarked on a pilot project with Schwarz Group, Europe SABIC ular polymers are produced as part of our TRUCIRCLE portfolio that includes a wide range of polyethylene and polypropylene material grades, that can be drop-in solutions for applications in a variety of industries, including the food packaging industry. We are happy to welcome Schwarz Group among the growing number of downstream customers seeking to capture value from material sources that have traditionally been ignored or discarded. ...



Avouryd an innovative use of recycled, transparent plastic tea capsules in the industry, representing an exciting step towards a more sustainable future with products which are easier to recycle and that help to create a circular economy for plastics. Avourych enables the consumer to make a premium cup of tea with just the click of a button. The transparent tea capsules take the consumer experience one step further, allowing them to not only taste the high quality tea but also see it inside the capsule. Holger Feldmann, CEO at Melitta Single Portions, said: SABICans design for recyclabili ...



SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with a leader in film manufacturing technologies, Brons for certified circular polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) to create more sustainable products. The certified circular products from SABICented polypropylene) films. These films can be used for various flexible applications such as labels, tape and food packaging such as confectionary, snacks, baked good, dried fruits, pasta and fresh food packaging. As the world-leading biax-film machine manufacturer, Br Dr. Stefan Seibel, Head of Ne ...


Practical concentrate: Ceresana study on the world market for plastic masterbatches

Why complicate things when you can make them simple? Colorants and flavors for beverages are often not directly mixed with water and prefabricated, ready-to-use syrup concentrates are used instead. In the production of plastics, too, so-called masterbatches , for example stabilizers, antioxidants, antistatics, or flame retardants. Ceresana is now publishing the second, completely revised edition of its market study on masterbatches: the global demand for plastic masterbatches is expected to rise to almost 4.5 million tonnes by 2027. White Sun Protection and Bright Colors The top-selling typ ...


Colorful palette: Ceresana examines the world market for pigments

Small particles provide orientation and signal effect as well as camouflage and sun protection, if necessary: pigments are coloring substances that are essentially insoluble in water or other application media. They are mainly added to paints and coatings, plastics, and building materials (soluble dyes, on the other hand, are mainly used for dyeing liquids). The region Asia-Pacific accounted for the largest share of global demand in 2019. The market researchers at Ceresana also expect the highest growth over the coming years for this region of the world, together with Africa. Global demand for ...


Free range of webinars from W&H: Your personal ''knowledge upload'' in autumn!

W&H brings a breath of fresh air to the virtual floor! With a free range of webinars. Use this autumn for your individual training! Completely free of charge and despite all travel restrictions. Learn from international experts and increase your clinical efficiency. Quite simply and conveniently ? with W&H Distance Learning. Together we want to benefit from the digital changes and stay fit for the future! This applies above all to targeted further training. In the spirit of our motto ?United we inspire each other?, we will share our industry expertise in a free range of webinars. Renow ...


Studies confirm: Flottweg is an excellent employer

Flottweg SE from Vilsbiburg is one of the absolute top employers in the region of Landshut: In cooperation with WELT, a German national newspaper, the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue GmbH conducts large regional and national surveys to assess the attractiveness of German companies to the general public. "Germany''s Best Employers", reflects the results of the studies by ranking the companies. Flottweg SE was among the best companies in the Landshut district. Flottweg is one of the largest employers in the Landshut region with more than 1000 employees worldwide ...


Rheinmetall and Lockheed Martin join forces in bid to win Canadian Army Land Vehicle Crew Training System program

Rheinmetall is teaming up with Lockheed Martin in pursuit of the Canadian Army?s Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) project. Rheinmetall Canada will take the lead in a partnership that includes Lockheed Martin Canada, Rheinmetall Electronics of Bremen, Germany, and Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions in Orlando, Florida. In cooperation with its partners, Rheinmetall Canada will offer the Canadian Army a solution for the LVTCS project that is mature, modular, and cost effective, while ensuring high-value economic benefits to Canada. The LVCTS solution will enable the Canadia ...


Colorful growth: Ceresana examines the European market for paints and coatings

Hospital walls, for example, are increasingly often given antibacterial properties. Extremely thin but very durable coatings protect vehicles against rust. Ceresana has analyzed the entire European market for paints and coatings for the fourth time: 9.1 million tonnes of paints and coatings were utilized in 2019. Colorful houses and cars Architectural coatings are the most important application area for paints and coatings. Facade and interior paints are needed for residential construction and coatings are used in large commercial or infrastructure projects. Ceresana predicts that in 2027, a ...


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