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Günther Paul Leaves for Retirement

After 35 years at the helm of the LASER COMPONENTS Group, company founder Gd the most important milestones in the company?s history ? from the beginning as a two-man business in the family home in 1982 to today?s international group with branch offices and production facilities in five countries. Long-standing companions and representatives of the overseas branches sent vi In a short address, Patrick Paul emphasized the successful handover process. Over the years, more and more competencies have been transferred from one generation to the next, thus avoiding any negative effects on the company ...


Diode Laser Collimation&Beam Shaping Optics to be Exhibited by FISBA at AKL International Laser Technology Congress

FISBA, a world leader in optical components and systems, will exhibit expertise in diode laser collimation & beam shaping optics at AKL Booth 52, May 2-4, 2018 in Aachen, Germany. FISBA designs and manufactures custom micro optics for laser diodes, which include FACs, SACs, and FBTs. Diode lasers are robust laser sources and when integrated with FISBA?s optical components, high quality laser beam output can be ensured. FACs collimate output beams in the fast axis, but should be combined with other micro optical components for optimum performance. FISBA offers acircular cylindric Slow Axis ...


LMI Technologies Officially Releases Gocator Firmware 5.0 and New Laser Profiler Hardware Version

LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of Gocator firmware 5.0. This release has a number of major developments that elevate Gocator to a new standard of visualization responsiveness. LMI is also announcing a new hardware version of its Gocator 2100/2300 line profilers, offering over 2x the sensitivity of previous generations (details at bottom of page). High-Definition 3D Visualizer Gocator 5.0 delivers a scalable, responsive, high-definition 3D data visualizer that can handle millions of 3D data points e ...


Christian Grunert Appointed Head of Optical Coatings Department

Christian Grunert has been appointed Director of Production for Laser Optics at LASER COMPONENTS. The 37-year-old engineer succeeds Uwe Schallenberg, who has been working in thin-film coatings since 1977 and served as head of this key department since 2014. Grunert is not new to the world of dielectric coatings, beam splitters, and mirrors. At university, he focused on lasers and optotechnology. After that, these technologies remained at the center of his professional career. He can draw on more than ten years of experience in the field of optical thin-film technologies ? three of them in the ...


FLEXPOINT Laser Module for Industrial Facilities

Thanks to its M18 thread, the FLEXPOINT MV18 line laser module can easily be integrated into standardized systems. LASER COMPONENTS is going to present this new product at the Vision Show 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. It is designed to deliver homogeneous power distribution along the entire projected line ? an important requirement for its use in machine vision. The robust module is available in an extensive range of wavelengths The FLEXPOINT MV18 can be quickly focused by means of a precise mechanism, which ensures high beam stability and low line drift. The power supply can be connected by ...


Low-Cost Avalanche Photodiode in an M1 Package

LASER COMPONENTS has announced that its cost-effective SAH series of avalanche photodiodes (APDs) is now available in an M1 package. This is the smallest available SMD housing (Surface-Mounted Device), at only 2 mm x 1.4 mm. The new APDs will be presented at SPIE DCS in Orlando, Florida (Booth 1029). Optimized for wavelengths of 850 nm and 905 nm, these components are mainly designed for range finding applications in which larger detectors cannot be installed due to lack of space. Consumer products are another common field of application. Depending on the version, the diameter of the detector ...


Micro Camera for Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery and Diagnostics to be Exhibited by FISBA at BIOMEDevice

FISBA, a world leader in optical components and systems for life sciences applications, will exhibit at BIOMEDevice Booth 731, April 18-19, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. The FISBA FISCam? is a customizable micro camera for minimally invasive surgery and diagnostics offering outstanding optical performance with high-resolution 400 x 400-pixel images and video at 30 frames per second. It is tiny and lightweight in design, measuring down to 1.6 mm in diameter and 6 mm in length. It is available with or without integrated illumination, as well as a chip-in-tip platform design allowing integration ...


MTS-4000 V2 - User-Friendly Measuring Device for FTTx Networks

For the installation and maintenance of FTTx and PON networks, LASER COMPONENTS recommends the new, revised version of the MTS-4000 base meter from VIAVI Solutions. Thanks to its faster processor, the system can be up and running in less than 30 seconds. Instead of control buttons, the device is now operated with a graphical user interface on a 9-inch touchpad, which allows for more intuitive handling. In addition to the USB and Ethernet interfaces of its predecessor, the MTS-4000 V2 also supports wireless communications via WiFi and Bluetooth. Smart Access Anywhere provides the capability to ...


Precision Molded Aspheres, Diffractives and Free Form Optics to be Exhibited by FISBA at SPIE DCS

FISBA, a world leader in optical components and systems, will exhibit at SPIE DCS Booth 1223, April 17-19, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. FISBA designs and manufactures custom micro optics for many defense and security applications such as low light imaging, thermal imaging, IR sensing, and more. FISBA?s precision glass molding technology offers a cost effective and scalable solution for defense applications requiring advanced optics. In addition, infrared optics are molded using chalcogenide glass, which is a cost effective alternative to germanium that does not suffer the effects of thermal darke ...


Software release makes 3D image processing faster and even more convenient

Image quality is playing an increasingly important role in 3D vision applications. Manufacturers are taking this into account and offer even better industrial cameras. More powerful sensors, however, usually also mean larger amounts of data and therefore potentially longer processing times. With the new EnsensoSDK 2.2 release, IDS offers a solution that guarantees very fast processes and high clock rates. Stereo matching can now be supported by the Nvidia CUDA graphics card, which speeds up the process by about five times. This feature and other functions of the software development kit can be ...


3D vision: Expanded field of view and more image details

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH now offers the modular Ensenso X 3D camera system with high-resolution 5 MP industrial cameras featuring the IMX264 CMOS Sony sensor. Compared to the currently available 1.3 MP sensors, they allow for an expanded field of view, higher resolution and lower noise levels. As always, the models of the 3D camera family are easy to set up and operate via the EnsensoSDK. The Ensenso X 3D camera system consists of a powerful 100 watt projector, to which two industrial cameras can be mounted at variable distances. Applications range from factory automation (e. g. Bi ...


Discover FactorySmart® Inspection at Control 2018 in Stuttgart

LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is excited to announce its attendance at Control 2018, from April 24-27, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. Control is the world?s leading trade fair for quality assurance, bringing together users from all over the world with international market leaders and innovative suppliers of all QA related technologies, products, subsystems and complete solutions in hardware and software. Visit Hall 8, stand 8106 to experience LMI?s flagship Gocatorhe automotive industry. ?Automated inline inspection is the core of our Gocator ...


Laser Optics Keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh

Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) allow laser beams to be split, bundled, or formed into almost any shape and are used in multiple applications. The food industry, for instance, uses them for laser perforation, when it comes to applying micro holes into packaging for fruit or vegetables. These allow the food to ?breathe? and thus extend its storage life. The holes have diameters of between 50 ?m and 300 ?m depending on the type of food and material. Only lasers can achieve the required consistency of perforation at these sizes. Using multispot DOEs for this application, the required number o ...


Know-how for the Networks of Tomorrow

In Germany, LASER COMPONENTS supports businesses with an extensive range of training courses on fiber optic technologies. In a series of three seminars ? each building upon the contents of its predecessor ? electricians and future telecom technicians will learn all the skills required for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks. The following courses will be held at the company facilities in Olching and Monchengladbach: Introduction to Fiber Optics Technology: Physical basics, detachable and non-detachable connectors, possibilities of optical measurement technology Introductio ...


New Color Calibration Targets from LaserSoft Imaging

Like people, every scanner interprets color in its own way. This is where the IT8-Calibration steps in. It compiles a color profile for a scanner, which characterizes the color space and takes into account individual variations. This task is now performed more precise than ever and with maximum color fidelity thanks to the new Targets from LaserSoft Imaging. Those of us who deal with colors on a daily basis understand the importance of high color-accuracy. In the color business, you have to be able to trust that the colors you see are accurate. To date, the graphic industry has relied on the s ...


FRT is Equipment Supplier of the Year

FRT GmbH is voted as ?Equipment Supplier of the Year?. The company with headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach was honored with this title by 3D InCites on March 7th. 3D InCites was asking to vote among 40 nominees from 26 companies and 4 research institutes competing in 9 categories for this award. FRT sent the MicroProf The competition was fierce. Over 40,619 online votes, more than twice the number of last years event were logged. The category with the most votes was Equipment Supplier of the Year, with 9581 total votes. The awards were presented during the iMAPS Device Packaging Conference in F ...


Fully Automated Optical Loss Meter for MPO/MTP Connections

VIAVI Solutions sets new standards introducing the industry''s first dedicated optical loss test set for MPO and MTP fiber connections. The device distributed by LASER COMPONENTS needs less than six seconds to measure fiber length, optical loss and polarity of all twelve fibers in a standard MPO connection. It also enables visual inspection of the fiber end faces. All the results are shown on a user-friendly 3.5" touchscreen. The color-coded pass/ fail display lets the user know if all the values are within the permitted limits. Customer specifications, test wavelength, and rese ...


Polarization Analyzer for fiber optic and free beam applications

The Polarization Analyzers of series SK010PA are comprehensive universal measurement and test systems for free beam applications and fiber-coupled laser radiation. As a plug&play devices they connect to the USB port of a standard computer. Alignments and measurements are performed rapidly. A real-time interactive display shows the state of polarization on a Poincar The polarization analyzer is compatible with the microbench/cage system. The standard delivery includes the software as well as a fiber adapter for FC-APC connectors. Other connector adapters and/or microbench adapters for diffe ...


Vision app-based industrial cameras: Versatile like smartphones

What would smartphones be without apps? They would be ordinary mobile phones and surely far less versatile. With IDS NXT, camera manufacturer IDS applies the app principle to industrial image processing. Users benefit from the greatest possible flexibility: they can assign their required image processing task to vision app-based cameras and sensors according to their individual demand. This approach allows not only a variable functionality of the devices, but also the direct, device-internal processing of information provided by the image sensor. Based on the app development kit and a HALCON e ...


High Precision Alignment Lasers with Small Beam Diameter

LASER COMPONENTS presents two additions to its portfolio of high-precision alignment lasers: LT-PLM-635-01-C1 and LT-PLM-IRB-635-01-C1. At the exit point, the beams of these precision modules feature diameters of 1 mm and a squint angle of just 0.05 mrad, which equals 5/100 mm per meter distance from the target. With standard modules, the aberration from the center of the housing is considerably higher at 8.7 mm. The small exit diameter also produces an exceptionally small dot on the target area allowing for very precise positioning. Due to its higher divergence, its use is recommended at dist ...


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