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New DEMON-NIR Spectrometer

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin will present its new DEMON NIR spectrometer for a wavelength range from 600 nm up to 1.7 The DEMON NIR is the perfect choice for quality control and development of lasers in the given range. The popular range around 1.55 The DEMON-NIR extends the well-established DEMON Echelle Monochromator series providing wavelength ranges from 190 nm to 1100 nm and resolving powers of 75,000 to 200,000. LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of short-pulse UV lasers, high-resolution spectrometers and laser-based measuring systems. Main app ...


Jenoptik demonstrates intelligent plug-and-play systems for laser material processing

Jena-based technology group Jenoptik will be presenting its quick-integration optical system platforms for manufacturers of laser production systems at the LASER World of PHOTONICS trade fair in Munich. The vision-enhanced laser tool and the F-theta bundle enable users to implement a wide range of requirements for optical assemblies in less time and at competitive prices. At LASER World of PHOTONICS Munich, the world''s leading trade fair for components, systems and applications of optical technologies, Jenoptik will present its range of products and services for material processing, ...


New at LASER COMPONENTS: Fiber Optic Matrix Switches

HUBER + SUHNER Polatis is one of the world''s leading manufacturers of optical matrix switches. In Germany, HUBER + SUHNER Polatis'' network components are now also distributed by LASER COMPONENTS. The right switch series is available for each area of application and each network structure: The 3000 series is available for multi-mode applications with up to 16 x 16 channels, the 6000 series is available for 8 x 8 channels to 192 x 192 channels, and the protection service switches of the 6000n PSS series are available for 16 x 16 channels. The 7000 series for 384 x 384 chann ...


lnGaAs avalanche photodiode chip

ANDANTA''s new InGaAs avalanche photodiode chip, with 200 ?m active chip diameter, is capable of photon counting in both linear and "pinch" modes. Typically, the InGaAs APD operates at an operating voltage of 35 to 50 V with a multiplication factor of M = 10. The breakdown voltage is max. 55 V. The highly reliable, planar InGaAs APD covers a spectral range from 0.95 to 1.65 ?m with a sensitivity of typically 9 A / W (M = 10, ? = 1.55 ?m). The noise characteristics (Excess Noise Factor) are very good and there are only small leakage currents. The response speed is over 1 GHz ...


InGaAs-Bildsensor mit reduzierter 15?m Pixelgröße

Der neue VGA (640x512)-InGaAs-Bildsensor von ANDANTA hat gleich nach der Markteinf Der Sensor kommt mit einer reduzierten Pixelgr Dank der Verwendung einer InGaAs-Planartechnologie mit 53 % Indium-Gehalt wird im Spektralbereich von 0,9 ?m bis 1,7 ?m eine Quanteneffizienz > 70 % erreicht. Die Verwendung von 8 Ausg Der ungek Der gleiche InGaAs-Sensor-Chip wird auch in ein Kovar-Geh Um den Sensor besser an eine bestehende Temperatur-Regelung anzupassen, kann der Anwender jetzt zwischen einer Ksung des Bildsensors bzw. der Kamera an die Zielanwendung. Zur Halterung der Sensoren kann ANDANTA auf ...


InGaAs-Sensor with reduced 15?m pixel pitch

The new VGA (640x512) InGaAs image sensor from ANDANTA has attracted a lot of attention from near-infrared camera manufacturers right after its launch and is now in production. The sensor comes with a reduced pixel pitch of 15 ?m (formerly 25 ?m) reducing the overall active sensor area to just 9.6 x 7.68 mm, identical to the low resolution, uncooled sensor FPA320x256-C. That will ease sensor integration for all existing users of FPA320x256-C. Using an InGaAs planar technology with 53 % Indium content, a spectral response of 0.9 ?m to 1.7 ?m with a quantum efficiency > 70% is achieved. The u ...


Airbus awards ''Best Innovator Overall'' for Defence and Space business to Kappa optronics

Airbus revealed the winners of its best in class Defence and Space awards with an official ceremony at its 5thSupplier Conference on May 16, 2019. The four winners, among them Kappa optronics, were selected from the entire supply chain of more than 10,000 suppliers. Barbara Bergmeier, Head of Operations at Airbus Defence and Space, said, ?our suppliers are key to our global success and we are pleased to have the opportunity to recognise the top performers on this stage and ?in turn ?further support our long term business relationships and performance.? The Best Innovator Overall award was pres ...


Non-destructive tomographic measuring method for geometrically complex microoptics

For the functionality of optical systems, the geometrical shape of the functional optical surfaces and their position relative to each other is a decisive criterium. However, small-aperture polymer optics, which are in great demand, for example, in mobile phone cameras, endoscopes or car sensors, cannot yet be checked with sufficient accuracy using standard metrological methods. At the LASER - World of Photonics trade fair from 24 to 27 June 2019 in Munich, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT from Aachen, Germany, will present a new tomographic method that can measure such o ...


Leonhard Kurz at Dscoop

The next Dscoop Edge conference is being held in the PortAventura Convention Center near Barcelona from June 19?21. At this event of the world?s largest digital printing and design community, Leonhard Kurz will be presenting a most extraordinary experiential world. The coating expert is exhibiting a wide variety of finished print products where metallization and color printing have been combined to produce an incomparably esthetic whole. Kurz developed its Digital Metal finishing process for this purpose, which uses the DM-Luxliner transfer machine for paper and card stock, and the DM-Jetliner ...


Fan Angles up to 80 Degrees

With a wide range of beam splitting and beam shaping diffractive optical elements (DOEs), Holo/OR addresses companies that use structured light for LiDAR, 3D imaging, and projection applications. At fan angles of up to 80 degrees (at 850 nm), the emitted light covers large areas. The product range available at LASER COMPONENTS includes optics for wavelengths between 266 nm and 2,200 nm. Different substrate materials are available: High-quality products made of fused-silica quartz glass are used for high-power applications with laser powers of several kilowatts. For lower powers, the manufactur ...


Fastest MTP/MPO connector microscope on the market!

At LASER World of PHOTONICS, LASER COMPONENTS is proud to announce the brand new D-Scope MT microscope by Data-Pixel, dedicated to the metrological validation of MTP/MPO connectors with ferrules MT-12/24 or MT-16/32. In the same measurement cycle, D-SCOPE MT checks every optical fiber surface condition at high magnification, and allows the operator to control the cleanliness of the connector endface and guide holes. The fully automatic D-SCOPE MT is the ideal instrument for checking the conformity of connectors to IEC standards, it benefits from years of industry experience and feedback. It ha ...


Package-specific Error Analysis on All Network Levels

With its Observer Suite, Viavi offers a comprehensive software and hardware solution for package-specific network analyses of fiber optic and copper networks. The network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) system distributed by LASER COMPONENTS comprises several components that can be used individually or jointly: Observer GigaFlow allows end-to-end evaluation of individual data streams for the first time; therefore, any disruption can be assigned to a specific network level, application, or even end device. Observer GigaStor records and archives the entire operation of an IT networ ...


Epson''s M-A552 Accelerometers ideal for Structure Health Monitoring

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, ?Epson?) has added two new high-performance products to its lineup of three-axis accelerometers. The M-A552AC1 supports the CAN*1communications protocol while the M-A552AR1 supports RS-422*2. Samples of the new products will begin shipping in the summer of 2019, with volume production scheduled for the spring of 2020. Epson?s accelerometers, first launched in 2014, have been used in an array of applications, earning an excellent reputation for outstanding performance and quality. Aging social infrastructure and the soaring cost of infrastructure maintenance, ...


Anamorphic Shaping of Laser Beams

Anamorphic beam shaping optics are used to transform elliptical laser beams to a round shape - for example before coupling them to single mode optical fibers. Conversely, there are cases where originally round laser beams need to be transformed into an elliptical shape. Schrrations of both lenses cancel each other resulting in an overall diffraction limited design. The anamorphic beam shaping optics series 5AN, is commercially available with aspect ratios ranging from 1:1.6 to 1:3 and for 390nm to 1800 nm. Typical applications are fiber coupling of beams from laser diodes or tapered amplifiers ...


Custom Thin Films

Upon customer request, LASER COMPONENTS can coat substrates with diameters of up to 390 mm, including, for example, wafers that are required in microchip manufacturing and other industries. The blanks may consist of silicon, fused silica, N-BK7, or other glasses. In addition to standard coatings, it is also possible to achieve application-specific coatings, such as AR coatings and all mirror types. In many cases, chip wafers and similar components must also be equipped with dielectric layers. However, this is usually not part of the manufacturer?s core business. As a result, many companies do ...


New Ultra-Smooth TECHSPEC® ?/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses

Edmund Optics TECHSPEC polishing method used for these aspheric lenses enables diffraction-limited performance and a guaranteed exceptional Strehl ratio > 0,8 at their Nd:YAG design wavelengths. TECHSPEC ?/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses maximize throughput with high-performance Laser Line V-Coatings for < 0,25% reflection at their design wavelengths. These laser grade aspheres feature fused silica substrates and are available in standard imperial sizes with f/2 designs. Visit EO?s website to learn more about the TECHSPEC. Edmund Optics&D, electronics, semiconductor, phar ...


Optical Power Meter for Applications in Silicon Photonics (SiP)

The new F?712.PM1 optical power meter from PI (Physik Instrumente) supports the optimal alignment of SiP components (e.g., waveguides/diodes) to peripherals (e.g., glass fibers). The transmitted light power characterizes the accuracy of the positioning. This plays a decisive role both in the functional testing of optical devices on silicon photonic wafers (wafer probing) and in the test and packaging of integrated photonic circuits (PICs). The low-loss coupling of (light) power from a glass fiber into a photonic component (or vice versa) is an essential prerequisite for functional optical netw ...


3D Optix: 4-in-1 Optomechanics Bundle

In a complete 4-in-1 package, 3D Optix now offers all optomechanical components with which four sophisticated experiments can be carried out easily: - Michelson interferometer ("/25 mm) - Mach-Zehnder interferometer autocorrelator ("/25 mm) - Intensity autocorrelator ("/25 mm) - Broadband pump-probe experiment ("/25 mm) The bundle contains wall elements, floor and ceiling elements, and mounts for the required lenses and mirrors. The decisive advantage of 3D Optix'' novel approach is the option of creating three-dimensional structures to carry out experiments in a ...


Reliable Laser Sources with Good Temperature Properties

LASER COMPONENTS now also offers diodes for the NIR wavelength 940 nm in an SMD package. They are available in the following two product versions: ADL-94Y01IY-F1 and 94Y01EY-F2. The main difference lies in their package design. At a height of just 0.75 mm and a footprint of 3x3 mm (IY-F1) or 3.5x3.5 mm (EY-F2), both versions achieve an optical power of 200 mW. At temperatures of up to 50 More Information LASER COMPONENTS specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of components and services in the laser and optoelec ...


Sheaumann Laser Introduces Family of High-Power Single-Mode Diode Lasers

LASER COMPONENTS distributes a new family of high-power, single-mode laser diodes by Sheaumann Laser in 3mm (C3), 4mm (C4), and 6mm (C6) chip-on-submount lengths. The C6 provides up to 650mW average output power at 1064nm. The 980nm C3 and 785nm C4 reach an average of 500mW and 450mW, respectively. The 3mm and 4mm diodes are also available on Sheaumann?s non-planar C-Mount and CL-Mount submounts. The new diodes are the result of an internal innovation initiative. Sheaumann?s technical team designed and qualified a new growth structure capable of producing reliable, high-power single-mode laser ...


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