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XIMEA announces new camera models with Sony CMOS Pregius S sensors

The initial line up will start with camera models based onIMX540,IMX541,IMX542ion of 24.5 Mpix to stay very compact contributing to closer proximity for multi camera setups. This shrinking in size does not lead to compromises in the imaging quality which stays remarkable and at least as good as other recent Sony sensors if not higher. All of the sensors offer Global shutter readout making them ideal not only for scientific applications, but also for systems where objects move at a higher speed. As was already the case with previous generations, 4th continues with high quantum efficiency as wel ...


All Wavelengths in One Package

The new attenuation measurement sets from LASER COMPONENTS are true miracles of versatility. With an optical transmitter (OTM) and a power meter, systems engineers and laboratory personnel can evaluate all wavelengths and configurations of hard-clad and POF fibers. Where other manufacturers require a separate measurement set for each wavelength window (850 nm and 660 nm for hard-clad fibers), the new system provides a flexible solution. The LEDs of the light source are contained in an adapter. This allows the OTM to be converted to another wavelength in a few simple steps. For measurement purp ...


Schneider-Kreuznach True Streak® filters created unique lighting spectacle during the "Big Game" Halftime Show

Schneider-Kreuznach?s True-Streak The Big Game Halftime Show in Tampa, FL, was shot in a unique way this year: Instead of the audience seated in the stadium the production team had the television viewer in mind. This creative change in perspective made it possible to use tools and techniques that are usually reserved for on screen content rather than an on-stage live performance as well as to create a cinematographic look. The artist wanted beams of light to streak skyward from the dancers? hands during the performance. However, the production team could not find any portable powerful light so ...


iChrome FLE? Flexible Multi-laser Light source for Biophotonics

The latest member of the iChrome family, the iChrome FLE, is designed as a "flexible laser engine" to serve the numerous and very diverse requirements in biophotonics. Up to 7 wavelengths (between 405 and 785nm) and two fiber outputs can be integrated into the iChrome FLE. The fiber outputs can be configured separately, so that individual wavelengths (e.g. UV or IR) can be corrected separately in the application. Alternatively, a fiber switch/splitter can be installed, allowing each wavelength to be switched separately to one of the two fibers, or to distribute the power between both ...


IQuAn? Combining High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing

Partners from academia and industry, led by the University of Mainz, have started a collaborative research project with the ambitious goal to build a quantum computer, interface it with an existing supercomputer and also enable access to external users. Providing access to external parties is an important goal and a major step in bringing quantum computers out of the laboratory. This will stimulate applications and support the industry in finding solutions to certain complex problems, where quantum computers have a clear edge over classical computers. The partners of this 12 Million Euro proje ...


Valentin Lendenmann becomes Managing Director at FISBA LLC

Since 2018, Lendenmann has been working in the Headquarters at FISBA AG in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in the area of research and development. In his new role as Managing Director at FISBA LLC, a subsidiary of FISBA AG, he is responsible for human resources, financial and technical leadership issues at the site. He will also work closely with the headquarter to drive the site and business strategy in the North American market. Following his apprenticeship as an automotive mechanic and a subsequent lengthy period of self-employment in the film industry, Lendenmann earned a bachelor''s ...


Prof. Dmitry Budker receives Norman F. Ramsey Prize of the American Physical Society

As a proud sponsor of the APS Norman F. Ramsey Prize, TOPTICA would like to congratulate the 2021 recipient Prof. Dmitry Budker, Professor of Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University and Section Leader, Helmholtz Institute Mainz, and Professor of Graduate School, University of California at Berkeley ?for groundbreaking work in the precision spectroscopy of atoms and molecules?. Established in 2016 by The American Physical Society (APS) the Norman F. Ramsey Prize recognizes outstanding accomplishment in AMO Physics (Atomic, Molecular and Optical) and Precision Tests of Fundamental Laws and Symmet ...


Hamamatsu Photonics has developed laser thermal processing equipment capable of operating with a high degree of freedom

At Hamamatsu Photonics we have developed laser thermal processing equipment for laser quenching that combines a direct diode laser, (DDL) that we newly designed and developed based on our unique laser diode (LD) technology, with a 6-axis robotic arm capable of operating with a high degree of freedom. This equipment irradiates a laser beam with an output power of 2.5 kilowatts (kW) ideal for surface quenching onto steel materials of various shapes and sizes. It also offers a low running cost which will lead to wider use of laser quenching. The heating temperature can be precisely adjusted by se ...


Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a high power QCL module

Hamamatsu Photonics have developed a high power QCL module that delivers an average output power of 2 watts at a wavelength of 8.6 micrometers (1 micrometer or ?m is one-millionth of a meter). This high power QCL module was created by applying our unique beam combining technology, with quantum cascade lasers (QCL)*1 , developed based on new heat dissipation technology. This QCL module combines mid-infrared light beams emitted from two QCLs to boost the output power to a level ideal for micromachining of fluoropolymer resins, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that are used for high frequen ...


StrainScope Annealing Tester

The new version of theStrainScope Annealing Tester for fast and objective measurement of residual stresses in container glass and tableware offers a completely redesigned, compact housing, simplified handling and improved optics with a higher spatial resolution. Even in modern glass factories, residual stresses after the cooling process are still visually monitored with simple strain testers. The results are inaccurate, vary from user to user and are often under-documented. The StrainScope Annealing Tester delivers objective and accurate measurement results in a minimum of time - in all standa ...


Mounts with an Integrated Heat Sink

With their fundamentally redesigned mounts, the FLEXPOINTtioned on three axes with the highest precision. Two adjusting screws control the horizontal and vertical alignment of the laser in the tenths of a millimeter range. The third serves to adjust the rotation of cross-hair and line lasers to within a few degrees. Heat generation becomes a problem, especially at a high laser power. If the housing is too warm, the beam parameters can change. In the worst case, the module will be irreparably damaged. Therefore, all three mounts serve simultaneously as passive heat sinks. The heat is diverted t ...


Laser processing revolutionizes prototype production of car tires: Jenoptik and 4JET jointly launch new technology

The technology enables rapid prototyping of vehicle tires through precise laser material processing. In this process, individual profiles and designs are laser-generated into tires with a smooth tread and neutral sidewall. The process replaces the time-consuming manual carving of tires and thus significantly shortens development cycles and prototyping costs in tire development. The laser ablation technology developed by Jenoptik answers a key trend in the tire industry. With an increasing product diversity and shorter product development cycles, the production of design samples and pre-product ...


You Bank on Infrared Detectors- Let Us Be Your Partner!

InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik, an owner-managed Dresden-based company, has over 30 years of experience in the field of infrared technology. Customers worldwide benefit from a wide range of high-quality, innovative products and services in this field. Higher production capacities and shorter delivery times InfraTec is expanding at its headquarters in Dresden. A new extension including a clean room creates more space for the infrared sensor division. As part of this expansion, the machine park was also enlarged. Step by step, fully automatic machines replaced the previous models ...


New IR and UV Optics to Minimize Loss and Dispersion

Edmund OpticsZinc Selenide (ZnSe) Wedged Windows, which are ideal for infrared (IR) applications, and TECHSPEC, which have high transmission from ultraviolet (UV) to IR wavelengths. Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Wedged Windows are designed for use with high power CO2 laser systems. These windows are available in two wedge angle options: 30 arcmin or 3Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Wedged Windows are ideal for IR applications including thermal imaging, forward-looking infrared (FLIR), and medical imaging. TECHSPEC have high transmission from 200 nm (UV) to 7 ?m (IR). The low refractive index of calcium fluoride r ...


Edmund Optics Inc. Opens New Assembly and Advanced Design Facility in Tucson, Arizona (USA)

Edmund Optics high-volume manufacturing services, including cleanroom assembly and incoming inspection with numerous testing capabilities such as MTF, straylight, thermal cycle, shock, and vibration. Customers will now have access to more sophisticated and state-of-the-art offerings at a location on the West Coast, in addition to other Edmund Optics facilities, domestically and internationally. ?We are pleased to be able to now provide additional design and assembly services for our customer?s most demanding and complex applications within the region, but also globally?, says Greg Hollows, Vic ...


Precise Splices for Large-core Fibers up to 800µm

With its FITEL S185ROF and S185PMROF models, Furukawa has completed its new series of cost-effective, user-friendly splicers for laboratory and production. Both newcomers use ring-of-fire technology and are primarily designed for processing large fiber diameters between 500 The ring-of-fire process uses three electrodes instead of the usual two. They generate a ?ring of fire? of plasma around the fiber; thus, even optical fibers with large cladding diameters can be heated in a non-contact, fast, and controlled manner, which is a basic requirement for precise, durable splices. All S185 series ...


QRydDemo? A Quantum Computer based on Rydberg Atoms

Quantum computers promise solutions for certain computational tasks that overwhelm conventional supercomputers, such as optimization problems or the simulation of novel materials and compounds. Coordinated by the University of Stuttgart, partners from academia and industry have just started the collaborative research project "QRydDemo" towards a quantum computer ?made in Germany?. TOPTICA Photonics AG is the lead industry partner and brings in its globally unique know-how in the field of lasers for quantum technology and co-finances the four-year project with more than one million Eu ...


Innovative FemtoFiber Laser Solutions

. Innovative laser systems tailored by our experts to advance your research! With more than 15 years of experience in femtosecond fiber laser technology and fiber laser design, TOPTICA offers innovative and custom-tailored laser systems that enable cutting-edge research in the field of quantum technology, biophotonics and solid-state physics. The range of laser systems extends from synchronized multi-arm configurations for pump-probe spectroscopy to two-color laser solutions for Raman microscopy (CARS / SRS) to highly advanced laser systems that emit phase-stable few-cycle light pulses for con ...


In-house Development: Trichroid Polarization Optics

With the layer design developed by LASER COMPONENTS, it is now possible to separate the polarizations of three wavelengths simultaneously. The optics, which are manufactured according to customer specifications, can be used, among other things, to combine linearly polarized laser beams from several sources. It does not matter whether they have the same or different wavelengths. Similarly, it is also possible to separate the unpolarized light of three wavelengths into their polarizations simultaneously. The trichroid thin-film polarizer is designed for an angle of incidence of 45 The production ...


Z-LASER GmbH receives TOP 100 seal

Award-winning innovative capacity: Z-LASER GmbH from Freiburg has been presented with the TOP 100 seal for 2021. This award is used to honour particularly innovative small and medium-sized companies ? and is being presented for the 28th time. Prior to this, Z-LASER GmbH had already demonstrated its innovative capacity in a scientific selection procedure. Commissioned by compamedia, the organiser of the TOP 100 innovation competition, innovation researcher Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team examined the innovative capacity of Z-LASER. The researchers based their assessment on around 120 tes ...


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