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Bio2Brain set to develop effective drug delivery to central nervous system

20 project partners from academia and industry have joined forces in the Bio2Brain network to investigate efficient administration routes of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). The challenge is an endogenous defence system that normally protects the CNS from unwanted substances. The downside, however, is that commercial or even potential drugs cannot readily cross this barrier. In order to respond to this challenge, the Bio2Brain network will pursue more effective approaches and develop new paradigms for drug delivery technologies in the treat ...


The IT department of Tentamus is now ISO 9001 certified!

The IT department of Tentamus Analytics GmbH was ISO 9001 certified by the Berlin-based certification body GutCert in October 2020. The Tentamus IT department designs, develops and implements the laboratory information system (LIMS) for our more than 65 laboratories worldwide. According to ISO/IEC 17025 (accreditation standard for laboratory analysis), internal service providers must be qualified. The IT department of the Tentamus Group met this requirement by successfully completing the globally recognized ISO 9001 certification. The specially developed LIMS system for all laboratories within ...


Environmentally friendly lubricant additives from renewable raw materials

In the "PHAt" project, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has been funding a consortium of four partners with around 1.25 million euros since October 2017. The experts from industry and science are developing sustainable thickeners and binders for the lubricant industry using bio-based raw materials from microorganisms. Arriving in the final year of the project, several application tests already reveal considerable results. Lubricants are used to reduce friction and wear in machines. They can also contribute to cooling, are used as sealants or protect against corrosion. S ...


Focus on your research? Simplifying light microscopy

The FemtoFiber ultra 920 at an output wavelength of 920 nm is ideally suited for the two-photon excitation of common fluorophores like GFP, eGFP, Eosin, GCaMP, CFP, Calcein or Venus. In 2-photon microscopy, peak-power is brightness! If you care for the best image brightness, you need short pulses, high power, and most importantly a clean temporal pulse shape. With more than sufficient output power, shortest pulses, and our unique Clean-Pulse Technology, the FemtoFiber ultra 920 features the highest relative peak power and enables unmatched brightness in 2-photon microscopy without unwanted hea ...


New Video: VITROCELL® Cloud ? ? for Aerosol Research and Cell Exposure at the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI)

The VITROCELL The Cloud system is suitable for nebulization of solutions and suspensions. Possible fields of application are screening of inhaled drugs, virus research toxicity testing of inhaled substances such as chemicals or nanoparticles. In response to the scientific need to expose in physiologically relevant conditions, the VITROCELLsubstances with the culture media. The video explains the procedures of the experiment. ...


Setting up a simple and cost-efficient 2-photon microscope for neuroscience

In this webinar, Max Eisele, Ph.D., will give an introduction to two-photon microscopy and highlight the potential of multiphoton excitation as compared to the standard fluorescence microscopy technology. Learn about the benefits of two-photon microscopy, learn about a simple two-photon microscope design, and see how easy and quick it is to set up a dedicated two-photon microscope. Use-case examples will be presented that highlight the benefits of two-photon microscopy for deep-tissue and in vivo imaging. After this basic introduction, Max Eisele will guide attendees through the setup of a sim ...


10 Things to Consider When Buying an In-Situ Sterilizable Bioreactor

The move from bench-scale bioreactors to larger units is a major step.making a buying decision. 1. Does What working volume do you need for each batch and, having decided this, where can a unit of the right size be installed? Cooling water A low drain with heat-resistant pipework, that must also meet local municipal standards Electrical supply (both single and three phases are often needed) Oil-free, dry air and other gasses as needed (piped or bottled) Clean, dry steam (a steam generator Process water (for Don?t forget to check that room has been allocated for peripheral equipment e.g. pumps, ...


VITROCELL® Cloud Alpha 96

The VITROCELLnality enables fully automated processes with an all-in-one control unit. Everyday experiments at the air/liquid interface have never been easier. The new Cloud Alpha 96 series was developed as a result of numerous customer requests and is now capable to expose mammalian cell cultures in Corning Exposure at the Air / Liquid Interface In response to the scientific need to expose in physiologically relevant conditions, the VITROCELLances with the culture media. Cell systems cultivated on membrane inserts are exposed at the Air/Liquid Interface (ALI) so that the test substances are ...


The Different Levels of Bioprocess Software: How They Address Specific User Requirements and Finding the Right One for You

Providing a single software solution to suit the full range and diversity of all biological cultivations would be an impossible task. A universal solution would be over-specified and expensive for most users, whilst similarly, a basic solution may not provide enough capabilities to suit all needs. This overview explores different user requirements and their best choice of bioprocess software. 1. Levels of a Bioprocess Software By its nature, bioprocess software is multi-layered. Different categories of users have layers in terms of the features they need from bioprocess software: Those users w ...


NEW?TentaSpeed L. mono?: Testing for Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes in food in 6h!

With the new rapid method "TentaSpeed L. mono", developed at the BAV INSTITUTE, low bacterial counts of The process has been successfully tested for various food groups, such as meat and fish products, dairy products and cheese, salads,< 20 CFU/g. The detection of the bacteria in the new 6-hour rapid method "TentaSpeed L. mono" is based on RT-PCR as in the 24-hour method. However, in this rapid method several steps are carried out to concentrate the bacteria before detection. The BAV INSTITUTE has thus achieved a breakthrough, as for the first time results of Do you have ...


Tentamus Watcher: Detecting&Monitoring Coronavirus in Wastewater

At Tentamus Group, we are happy to announce the launch of a new web tool capable of combining the results of the analysis of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in wastewater together with indicators of health evolution: TENTAMUS WATCHER. The software generates graphics and visual information about the evolution of the coronavirus in cities and municipalities. It also provides alerts of possible outbreaks. Therefore, the tool allows public authorities to anticipate and improve the decision making. The detection of mild or asymptomatic cases through wastewater testing has become a fundamental epidemio ...


NEW! Peristaltic micropumps

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG?s latest development is the peristaltic pump series CPP1. Designed for liquids and gases, the pumps provide small flow rates in combination with reliable flow rate control and biocompatibility. The CPP1 peristaltic micropumps enable the bidirectional pumping of small amounts of liquids and gases in a controlled stream. The possible flow rates range from 150 With peristaltic pumps only the tubing is in contact with the medium, preventing contamination of the pumped liquids or gases. The media passes the pump through a medical-grade silicone tube. The CPP1 pum ...


Save Time Using Automated Analysis of Chemotaxis Assays

In cooperation with MetaVi Labs, ibidi is launching FastTrack AI, an automated software solution that tracks and analyses chemotaxis data. Thanks to artificial intelligence, FastTrack AI helps you save time on your chemotaxis assays?there is no need for both manual tracking and fluorescence labeling. After sample preparation and live cell imaging (e.g., using brightfield or phase contrast microscopy), scientists can simply upload their raw image data to the cloud and will get objective and reproducible results within minutes. When using FastTrack AI, even image stacks with optically bad qualit ...


Continuous Culture for Beginners

Continuous culture is best explained by discussing the basic components of the process. The theory is well known and simple to understand: Medium is both added and removed throughout much of the fermentation in order to keep cell numbers in balance. Actual execution can be difficult for starters, as there are more pumps, tubes and considerations than a simple batch fermentation. This post will look at: continuous bioprocessing modes cell retention methods how to use the antifoam pump for harvesting configuring feed and harvest pumps making aseptic connections 1. Continuous bioprocessing modes ...


Mandatory maximum residue levels for chlorate and perchlorate

On 04.06.2020, the European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2020/749 amending Annex III of Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005. According to this regulation, new maximum residue levels for chlorate in food will apply starting from 28.06.2020 without transitional regulation. Chlorate is the salt of chloric acid. It is released as a by-product when disinfectants are used and when drinking water is treated, causing residues of chlorate to appear in food. Repeated ingestion of chlorate can lead to inhibited iodine absorption in humans, which can have health effects, especially for risk groups such a ...


Eleva?s drug candidate to be examined for use in Covid-19 treatment

Eleva, a manufacturer of superior biologics, is exploring the potential of one of its drug candidates for first-in-line therapy of Covid-19. The compound, factor H, is part of the complement system, which is believed to affect the severity of the course of Covid-19. Eleva has developed factor H previously for a different indication and taken it through pre-clinical stages. The complement system is a vital pathway acting within the immune system. It recognizes and destroys foreign invaders and protects the body?s own cells with a special component, factor H. Insufficient amounts of factor H lea ...


New GMO accreditations for Laemmegroup

Laemmegroup is proud to announce the completion of the accreditation process related to the detection of all authorized GMO in food and feed for soy, corn, rapeseed, sugar beet and in animal feed for cotton, that are listed in the latest updated European Register dated 02/08/2019. The entire accreditation process complies with Accredia Technical Regulation RT-11 art 10.1 and with UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025. The Laemmegroup Molecular Biology Laboratory is able to carry out analyses in Real Time PCR to verify that raw materials and end products for human and animal comply with the regulations applicab ...


Biognosys Announces Appointment of Dr. Patrick Vink as Chairman

Biognosys, a leader in next-generation proteomics solutions for drug discovery and development, announces today the Dr. Vink has an M.D. from the University of Leiden and an MBA from the University of Rochester. He brings well as global alliance management. Prior to Cubist, he was Head of the Global Hospital Business and executive team member at Mylan Inc., Head of Global Biopharmaceuticals at Sandoz (a division of Novartis), and held various senior positions at Biogen Inc, Sanofi-Synthelabo, and Numico. Dr. Vink is currently on the board of several U.S. and European publicly listed and privat ...


Safe Coronavirus research with Systec Autoclaves

The coronavirus COVID-19, which first appeared in the Chinese province of Wuhan at the turn of the year 2019/2020, has spread to all continents of the world within just a few weeks. National and international authorities are currently managing efforts to contain the virus that involve deliberately interrupting infection chains. At the same time, the virus is being examined at laboratories worldwide and bred for research purposes in order to understand how it works. This enables the development of drugs and vaccines against COVID-19 (2019-nCoV / SARS-CoV-2) in the long term. Systec autoclaves a ...


Dicamba volatility tests via Humidome set-up at Symbiotic Research

SYMBIOTIC RESEARCH, LLC(SRL), announces the expansion of its agrochemical research services into conducting humidome studies with Dicamba formulations. US-EPA has requested companies marketing Dicamba formulations to use humidome set-ups to evaluate the effects of defined parameters on secondary movement of Dicamba.n of Dicamba resistant crops, agrochemical companies have started to formulate Dicamba into their formulation to prevent further weed resistance build-up. Since Dicamba is inherently volatile, it has introduced new challenges for the farmers dealing with potential damages to adjacen ...


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