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First impoundment: Tamakoshi reservoir secures power supplies in Nepal

Implementation of Nepalrent shortfalls in the power supply system. The joint venture between Tractebel Germany (formerly Lahmeyer International) and Norconsult AS has been responsible for the detailed planning and construction management of the project since 2011. The plant is located in a remote region of the upper Himalayas, in the Tamakoshi river basin, about six kilometres from the border with Tibet. Featuring six underground turbine units, it is expected to generate 2.3 TWh of urgently needed electricity Despite the difficult terrain and the major damage to the construction sites cau ...


New maximum levels for chlorate residues in food

Since 28 June 2020, Regulation (EU) 2020/749 on new maximum levels for chlorate residues in food has come into effect and applies also retroactively to products manufactured or imported into the EU before that date. Chlorates were formerly used as crop protection agents (total herbicides). For some time now, however, chlorates have not been allowed to be used as pesticides across the EU. Despite this ban, chlorate residues are frequently found in food. The reasons for these findings can be very different. Contamination from the use of chlorinated washing water or irrigation water can be the ca ...


PA''s Not Only in Oregano

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) are secondary plant materials that are mainly formed by certain plants, e.g. Senecio jacobaea, and serve to protect against predators. What protects one person can harm another. Thus, certain PA''s can damage the liver and should therefore be minimized according to the ALARA principle. A correspondingly increased risk exists, for example, with products such as tea, herbs, spices and food supplements, especially their herbal raw materials. Tropane alkaloids and ergot alkaloids should also be monitored for the above-mentioned products. GBA Group can help yo ...


Authenticity Testing of Olive Oil at the Tentamus Center for Food Fraud

Olive oil is becoming more and more popular and enjoys the reputation of being particularly healthy for both young and old. Italy is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to high-quality, natural, authentic olive oil. However, olive oil labels do not always tell the truth. In terms of food adulteration, the sky is the limit. Last year, for example, 150,000 litres of oil were discovered which were labelled as olive oil but did not contain a drop of olive oil. Instead, sunflower and soya oil with the addition of chlorophyll and b-carotene were used. Even simpler is the relabeling of ...


New Maximum Levels for Perchlorate

With the Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/685 amending the Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006, perchlorate is now included among the contaminants. Perchlorate is considered a contaminant that can enter the product e.g. via groundwater, irrigation water, certain fertilizers, or the water used for washing during production. Perchlorate can have adverse effects on human health by inhibiting iodine intake. Maximum levels have been set for the following product groups: fruit and vegetables, tea, herbal and fruit infusions, and certain baby foods. For fruit and vegetables, these maximum levels apply to th ...


Tractebel supports TenneT in the implementation of 145 km HV line in Germany

Germanycess of the energy transition in Germany. TractebelERM Group or EQOS Energie Deutschland GmbH. Around 30 Tractebel experts from different Tractebel corporate units such as Lahmeyer Deutschland, Tractebel DOC and Tractebel Romania will be providing their combined know-how. One important task will be coordinating the cooperation between the internal and external partners across the various project stages. This is one of the first EPCM projects for TenneT. EPCM, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management, stands for a wider form of project implementation. Within the fram ...


Harvest forecast 2020

Agricultural associations expect an average to good fruit harvest this year. Especially in the organic segment, growing yields are expected this year. Together with the current designation of GBA Group as an official laboratory for organic inspection bodies under Art. 37 of Regulation (EU) 2017/625, GBA Group is your competent partner for accredited inspection of your agricultural products. GBA Group helps you to ensure that your agricultural products are properly controlled. We are happy to advise you! Please contact us at: phone +49 (0)40 797172-245 e-mail: For further i ...


Owner´s engineer for Orlovka wind farm in Ukraine

The east of Ukraine now has 26 new wind turbines up and running to generate clean energy. They create jobs and contribute to improving the ecological and social situation in the region. Tractebel provided support for the 100 MW wind energy project as owner The 100 MW Orlovka wind farm ( is now the third project in the Investment Programme for Wind Energy that DTEK, as the biggest private energy producer and supplier in the country, has completed. Within the framework of the project implementation, Tractebel worked together wit ...


Sourcing in China? Facemasks Against COVID-19

It is better than its reputation: How the Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) can be useful for a foreign company wanting to procure protective masks in China, such as those now needed by the million worldwide. As of 27 April 2020, masks will be needed, for example, by over 80 million Germans to comply with their obligation to wear one in public places such as supermarkets. According to Chinese government statistics, about 120 million masks are produced daily in the republic. In 2020 alone, almost 18,000 companies have been newly registered who are allowed to produce and sell masks for medic ...


Success in Tentamus Fuzhou Labs

To be more exact, we can announce two achievements in May 2020 for Tentamus Fuzhou. The Tentamus Fuzhou lab achieved firstly; approval to be a certified testing and inspection facility for food safety in Fujian Province, and secondly had National approval to expand the certification by 190 test items. The Fujian Provincial approval for sampling, inspection and testing was the first time for Tentamus Fuzhou. There were 8 provincial government investigators and scientists assessing every aspect of laboratory work from sampling in the fields, food processing factories and shops, the entire labora ...


Quant Qualitätssicherung integrates Tentamus Academy

Quant Qualit continues to expand its business fields and has integrated the newly designed Tentamus Academy with a training facility in Martinsried. The aim of the expansion is to bundle the variety of subject areas of other Tentamus locations together, making them available to users in the market as an extended portfolio. As a result of the Corona crisis, the entire range of training courses is now also available online if required. Since the benefits and added value of physical training are greater for the participants, the Tentamus Academy is looking forward to the fact that after the lifti ...


Kipp Umwelttechnik invests in coating-technology

Apart from impacting millions of people?s health worldwide, the corona crisis has now also caused a global economic crisis in an extremely short time. A large number of businesses and entire business models have been called into question. This is a dramatic situation that will unfortunately remain with us for some time to come. Nevertheless, despite this crisis, opportunities exist to expand and improve business activities, allowing us to get right back on track again, once the crisis is over. Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH and its sister company, Jens W. Kipp Tiefbau GmbH, have already been working ...


Steltix Summer School goes virtual

This year Steltix celebrates 5 years of Steltix Summer School! Hundreds of customers have already followed the classes. Due to the Corona-Pandemic Steltix decided to offer Summer School 2020 in a virtual classroom. Summer School will continue to be a combination of listening and actively making exercises. As a NetSuite Solution Provider Steltix is starting the next chapter within their Summer School Portfolio by adding Oracle NetSuite to the agenda. Eight one-day Classes are scheduled in three areas: NetSuite Application, NetSuite Automating Business Processes and NetSuite Analyze and Report. ...


Part 2 | Prototyping does not equal prototype

The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to go digital. Anyone who does not have a clue when digital gibberish such as for example "prototyping" are used, will in future be given regular, easy-to-understand explanations of digitalization terminology in our series "Digital Solutions". With 35 years of experience in the digitalization, automation and electrification of mobile machines, we support our customers with customized workshops, the right concepts and suitable system architectures. When implementing digital projects, many langu ...


Legal Advice During the Corona Pandemic: How Ecovis Legal Spain Can Help

Coronavirus is causing a multitude of problems for customers. How can your Ecovis partner help? Let us look at the case study of a large logistics firm. After Spain declared a state of emergency, we first had to advise the customer on whether he was an essential service or not. As a multi-client logistics operator, this was difficult, as some of his end customers were essential but others were not. Once it was decided which part of the operation could continue, we had to advise on how to deal with the part of the business that could not be carried out. Could rental agreements be changed unilat ...


Food fraud in current times

Protection against food counterfeiting is a challenge in the current situation. Due to deviations in the routine of global supply chains and official monitoring, there is an increased risk of food fraud. How can you ensure protection against fraud, safety and integrity of your food? The GBA Group team is here to support you and provide you with its expertise! Please contact us at: phone +49 (0)40 797172-0 e-mail: For further information go to The GBA Group, founded in 1989, brings toget ...


All Shiga Toxine-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) subtypes are pathogenic

The Pathogenicity assessment of ?Shiga toxine-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) and the public health risk posed by contamination of food with STEC? from 2013 was recently reviewed by EFSA. Based on the assessment it was concluded that all STEC strains are pathogenic in humans, capable of causing at least diarrhoea and that all STEC subtypes may be associated with severe illness (defined as bloody diarrhoea (BD), haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) and/or hospitalization). Furthermore EFSA suggests that ?bovine meat and products thereof?, ?milk and dairy products?, ?tap water including well wate ...


High-tech analysis of airbone rust on superyachts

To avoid long-term damage to superyachts caused by airborne rust, timely and accurate identification of contamination is required. A superficial diagnosis may result in inappropriate cleaning or repair, in turn resulting in higher costs. Technologies such as 3D microscopy provide new options for detecting contamination from rust particles and selecting the right treatment. Airborne rust is iron dust that rusts in the air. The particles usually originate from nearby metal objects and settle on other surfaces. This is a threat that also exists in ports and shipyards. For example, one source of c ...


Hygiene measures - HACCP concept for food producers

Hygiene measures - In each operation, the staff has now been trained to wash their hands and disinfect regularly. Disinfection is possible at various points in the respective facilities and has become a basic requirement. The topic of hygiene will certainly remain a central issue. In general, there is currently an increased use of disinfectants. For this reason, food producers in particular should use an appropriate HACCP concept to prevent the possible risks of product contamination. It is therefore particularly important for food producers to deal with this issue in a timely and sustainable ...


New: SARS-CoV-2 sampling kit for face masks

People infected with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 secrete the virus through droplets when breathing out, speaking, coughing, or sneezing. Wearing mouth, nose, or any respiratory mask is therefore intended to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Studies have shown that SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in masks worn by infected people. To prevent a further spread of COVID-19, BAV INSTITUT now offers, along with various surface tests, the testing of worn face masks for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The respective sampling set can be ordered immediately from BAV INSTITUT, a member of the Tentamus Group. The sampli ...


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