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New Focus Band Service To Change Golf Lessons in The Bay Area by Balbi Golf

Earlier today, Balbi Golf announced the launch of its new Golf Instruction service, set to go live 05/21/2018. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of Golf, this new development will be worth paying attention to, as it''s set to shake things up for golfers of all handicaps. Currently, with even a passing glance, you will notice that most golf instructors will claim to work on your mental game. The Owner at Balbi Golf, David Balbi, PGA , makes a point of saying "things are going to change when our mental training service launches". David Balbi, continues... ...


Make Father’s Day Extra Special with ‘Legends of 1968’ Drag Racing Tribute T-shirt

With Fathers Day less than a month away on June 17, here is a great gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile and revive memories of the days gone by. Quarter Mile Addiction has launched an exclusive and premium T-shirt dedicated to the five stars of drag racing that were a craze in the 1960s and the 70s. The Legends of 1968 T-shirt can be bought along with posters, hoodies and mobile covers, and will make for a special gift for all those who witnessed the action on drag strips back in the day, or even today too. The merchandise is part of a larger Muscle Car Legend series, and features five f ...


Quarter Mile Addiction Supports Carlisle Chrysler Nationals with Special 1968 Tribute T-Shirt

The Plymouths are back! These old beasts havent lost the slightest of edge over the decades, and will be on display along with other beauties of the drag racing era at the 2018 edition of the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. To celebrate the occasion, Quarter Mile Addiction, the maker of premium T-shirts and merchandise for drag racing fans, has brought out an exclusive Legends of 1968 Hoodies and accessories. For more info For Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, this year is extra special, as it celebrates 50 glorious years of some o ...


Fans of Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Can Walk in Style with the New ‘Legends of 1968’ T-shirt and Merchandise

For those readers who get nostalgic when they hear Sundaaay!, here is something to cheer about. The 50 year tribute of the 1968 model Dodges & Plymouths at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals will be a big draw in July. Not only this, new merchandise has been launched by Quarter Mile Addiction in the form of Legends of 1968 hoodies and accessories. Revive the glorious memories of drag strips in that momentous year of 1968 with this new set of premium T-shirts, wallpapers and mobile phone covers. Further info can bee seen here ...


Drag Racing Fans Feel the Thrill Again with ‘Legends of 1968’ T-shirt and Merchandise

The drag strips of late 1960''s witnessed two sibling cars competing with each other. These were the Dodge Super Bee, a low cost, bare bones street racer, and the Plymouth Road Runner. The 2018 edition of Carlisle Chrysler Nationals is where visitors can feel the thrills again in a grand show of over 3,000 classics. Visitors can get even more fun strolling around the Fairgrounds venue with the newly launched Legends of 1968 T-shirts and accessories by Quarter Mile Addiction. As drag racing cars age, they take on a new charm and exude their legendary aura even more. The Carlisle Chry ...


Quarter Mile Addiction Revives the Action, Launches ‘Legends of 1968’ Drag Race Merchandise

At the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, meet the drag racing car that went on to star in a Hollywood movie chase, and splashed the now famous Coke bottle style on driveways and auto shows all over the US. The 1968 Dodge Charger also features on the new T-shirt launched by Quarter Mile Addiction, along with some cool wallpapers and mobile covers, featuring five ''Legends of 1968''. Click here more information This year, the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals celebrates 50 years of history made by five stars of the 1 ...



RUSSIA CREATES WORLDWIDE SUPPORT. To make good relations and good situations in society in the world, the General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES, Russian name: Служба общей информационной безопасности & ...



RUSSIA CREATES WORLDWIDE SUPPORT. To make good relations and good situations in society in the world, the General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES, Russian name: Служба общей информационной безопасности & ...


Softballbats4u.Com Introduces Customers to the Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats To Use In 2018 introduces softball players around the world to some of the finest new softball bats that can be used for a successful game this year. According to such reviews, the best softball bats are not necessarily those that are light in terms of weight, but which are known to exert a huge impact once these hit the ball. Players are not really expected to focus on the speed at which they swing the bat. The softball 4 u website clearly states that bat manufacturers construct the slow pitch bats in a way that these are slightly heavier than those that are used in any fast pitch softball ga ...


STRYKZ – the token for all football fans

Berlin, Germany, 29.01.2018 Stryking operates Football-Stars, a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile platforms for football fans worldwide with partnerships signed by Germanyhe free-to-play monetisation and retention model combined with its outstanding meta-game makes Football-Stars unique in the daily fantasy sports universe. While the free-to-play model will remain, users will soon have the additional ability to earn STRYKZ tokens by generating content and creating challenges. The implemented user-centric approach with a sophisticated reward & spending mechanism ...


Heavily Modified GTR Pennzilla to Make Last Rally Run

Dallas, TX - Jeff Allen, owner of Flat 12 Gallery, announced today that he will be participating in the Race Armada Run from Houston, Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana on February 24, 2018 in his heavily modified Nissan GTR. Jeff Allen while piloting Pennzilla has amassed quite the accolades during the last two years. Highlights include: 2017 Big Bend Open Road Race - 2016 Winner Silver State Classic Challenge 1/2 Mile Shootout - 2016 Winner Silver State Classic Challenge Most Beautiful Car - 2016 Winner Silver State Classic Challenge Hooker Award - 2016 4th place Silver State Classic Challen ...



Active good action for Russia, for the world! President, people in Russian Federation say: we like our team, we love our team; we like our country, we love our country; we like the world, we love the world; we are strong to make good world! We can build good relations with all good people in all countries; together we can be real World''s Olympic champions. We can build good relations with all good people. Good relations for peoples is good way for making good world. GUIDES (Anatoliy Golod: General Director in GUIDES: General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service) creates t ...


New Season For Sledhead 24-7

Albertville, MN - Sledhead 24-7 North America’s premier snowmobile television show enters its 13th season with a renewed focus on great storytelling, the latest gear and gadgets and dream destination rides. The Emmy nominated magazine show can be viewed on more than 100 million HH’s, including Fox Sports North, Fox Sports Wisconsin and coast to coast in Canada on the Wild-TV Network. For “Sledhead 24-7” host Chelsie Skorich, Hosting the show is much more than a job, snowmobiling is her passion. “I pretty much grew up riding, my father worked in operations for ISOC and before I knew it was ca ...


Get The Best Momence IL Archery Range Experience With PSE Equipment & Certified Trainers At This Site

Bordertown Guns have announced the launch of a full archery service. This new service includes sales, equipment repair and archery training. For more information please visit the website here: Bordertown Guns is a veteran owned retailer for outdoor enthusiasts and sports. The company is based in Momence, Illinois and have a newly opened indoor firing and archery range with different membership packages available. The store have announced that they now offer a full archery service to their customers and are a one stop shop for all things related to archery and cros ...


Enjoy camping with AtCamping great items.

Its never too late to go camping this year with everyone! Enjoy this breathtaking cool camping items from They have the best and affordable camping items such as clothing, accessories, kit & tool, knives, tableware, tent. All camping plans are perfect specially when people have fantastic clothing camping items. They offer authentic outdoor mountaineering jacket, autumn outdoor sports sunscreen jacket, casual coat high quality outerwear jacket and a lot more. has so much to offer on their all must have camping inventories. Camping needs not to be extravagantly ...


Adidas & Nike Soccer Cleats Now Available with Free Shipping on All Orders Only at Sport Kick Online Store

Customers across the UK can now purchase soccer cleats from leading brands, such as Nike and Adidas, with free shipping from the online store of These soccer cleats are very popular among football players for their superior design and attractive styles. The online store brings a collection of Adidas Predator Soccer Cleats that include five different products. These are Adidas Predator Mania Champagne FG Soccer cleats in five different color choices, such as Off White/Core Black/Red soccer shoes, Black/White soccer shoes, Blue/White soccer shoes, Gold/White soccer shoes, and Re ...


Get The Best Perth Sports Chiropractic Treatments Golf Injury Therapy Services

National Chiropractor Australia, an online directory offering Australian patients access to a wide range of professional chiropractic clinics, launched an update of its services focusing on the best chiropractors for golf and sports-related therapies. More information can be found at []( Chiropractic services have become increasingly in-demand in recent years, as more and more people suffer from sedentarism-related c ...


Improve Your Health & Fitness With the OPM (One Punch Man) Fitness Workout Databook

A new exciting Kickstarter campaign has been launched, the OPM DataBook, based on the critical acclaimed fictional superhero, One Punch Man, created by Japanese manga artist ONE. The superhero is extremely overpowered, ending his fights without challenge. He once revealed the source of his power to his workout regime of 100 repetitions of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, including a 10km run every single day for a duration of three years. More information at: []( ...


Who’s faster? The Ultimate State Comparison for Marathons has analysed 6 million marathon results and found Massachusetts to have the fastest runners. In their newly published report, they compare 51 states on a large number of factors based on results from 2000 to 2016. The study was conducted by Ivanka Nikolova, Ph.D. in Mathematical Analysis, and Jens Jakob Andersen, former competitive runner and statistician. Comparison by average finish time The Top 3 fastest states in the US for 2016 are: 1. Massachusetts (4:20:41); 2. D.C. (4:22:39); 3. Vermont (4:22:57) The fastest women are from Massachusetts (4:33) and the fastest ...


Ludo Aequitas Can Resolve War Of Words Between President Trump & Protesting Players & Sports People

[Ludo Aequitas](, a not for profit organization - with its key platform the promotion of mental health and equality through sport was created to resolve the exact type of conflict which has now erupted between President Trump and the athletes of its national sports. The anthem, flag, standing with hand over heart are symbols, gestures, that the United States uses, more than most, as symbols of respect, honour and a commitment to its values as a country and a society. There is also the matter of its constitution and the rights to free speech. The problem arises when ...


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