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Career Development: Getting an ADR Licence

Anyone who works in the delivery industry understands the importance of diversification. As a driver, your skills are what keep you on the road Transporting Dangerous Goods No matter how many years'' experience you have as a driver, the transportation of dangerous goods requires special licensing. In the event of an accident during the transportation of courier loads of dangerous goods by road, there''s far greater potential of harm to not only the environment, but also to the community. Any spills of toxic chemicals or goods pose a risk of explosion, fire and chemical b ...


NEW! LogTag® USB Data Logger Series!

The growing LogTag effective and reliable models with integrated USB port. The two LogTag They are complemented by the reusable USB loggers UTRIX-16 and UTRID-16. These two data loggers are ideal for all applications where a logger can easily be recovered and reused several times. All USB models can be plugged directly into a PC In addition, the UTRID-16 also impresses with its six level multi-alarm display. LogTag data loggers are praised worldwide for their reliability and ease of use, excelling with an unmatched price/performance ratio. ...


IVU technology for Nigerian metropolis Lagos

Berlin, 23 January 2018 ng on-board computers for more than 400 buses. With a population of around 21 million, Lagos is the largest city in Africa and one of the fastest growing cities on the planet. In 2009, Africaoad traffic. However, frequent congestion at the stops kept resulting in irregular operations and long waiting times for passengers. The products that come with IVU.suite are designed to ensure that everything runs more smoothly. Planners at the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) are now implementing stable and needs-based run and duty schedules using the plannin ...


IVU expands Executive Board

Berlin, 12 January 2018 ibility for Projects and Sales. Leon Struijk (47) comes from the Netherlands, where he gained extensive experience in public transport. He studied business administration at the University of Amsterdam and worked at PwC and Connexxion before founding the bus company Qbuzz with a partner in 2008. The company established itself on the market quickly and successfully thanks to innovative IT systems and high-quality customer service. As CCO, Leon Struijk will take care of customer relationships in projects and of national and international sales. Together with the Executi ...


Freight Forwarding Post Brexit: Customs

With the impending onset of Brexit, the landscape of the transport industry is set for some inevitable changes, particularly affecting freight forwarders who manage European haulage contracts. But industry experts have voiced concerns that the UK government has been in denial about how customs procedures will be affected, and believe that they should already have infrastructure underway to avoid not only huge delays, but also increased costs to shippers and the public. Recently, however, HMRC has shifted gear slightly, admitting that there''s a possibility that inland depots may ne ...


Quick and Easy Tips for Enhancing Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that almost 20% of the total cost of your fleet is taken up by fuel prices? If you are looking to maximise your haulage company Monitor and Encourage Good Driving Habits Insume excess fuel, and will make your freight forwarders more environmentally friendly drivers. Have an Open Line of Communication To make your delivery work more fuel-efficient, you should communicate directly with your drivers. Instead of having them come back to the depot before embarking on their next job, you can simply send them to their next destination by phone, avoiding extra mileage while also sav ...


Tackle Haulage Shortages for a Happy Holiday

Itrather than seeing it as something stressful and negative, I want you to look at it as an opportunity. Just think about it: if other freight forwarders are struggling to meet demands, your company can pick up the slack and get more delivery work. I know that this may be easier said than done, but with these top tips for combating driver shortages, you Tip #1: Own Your Haulage Fleet By having your own fleet, youuch delivery work you take on based on the size of your fleet and the availability of your drivers. Tip #2: Try In case you haveniers automatically swap their container for an em ...


Dennison Commercials is the UK’s Franchised Dealer of the Year

Award season is here and the honours keep on rolling in! In mid-November, the Commercial Motor Awards were held in Birmingham, where this year The Dennison group is a Northern Ireland-based Volvo Truck & Bus dealer that sells lorries to haulage companies, freight forwarders and other esteemed customers. What Are the Commercial Motor Awards? In case you havenebratory night that allows attendees and entrants to showcase their success, while also enabling haulage companies to network and forge new business relationships. Those who are finalists for the prize in one of the twelve categorie ...


TSC and Datalogic announce a Global Strategic Alliance Agreement

D is one of the global top 5 manufacturers of innovative thermal label printers for industrial, desktop and mobile applications in all sectors. Over 25 years of experience in development and production, a first-class product range and more than 3 million installed solutions in over 90 countries make Both manufacturers will guarantee a complete and high-quality offering, focused on all current and incoming tasks and market needs. Joint marketing activities underline their high standards and highlight their brands. ...


Unite Campaigns for Better Truck Stops

If you''re a lorry driver in the UK, there''s little doubt that at some time or another in the not-too-distant past you''ve had some kind of issue with finding an appropriate truck stop whilst on the road. It''s a common challenge and one that the trade union Unite is taking up on behalf of drivers. The union is calling for governmental action to provide adequate roadside facilities to protect the health and well-being of those who make a living doing delivery jobs on our UK roads. Unite for Change Unite is the largest trade union in Britain and Irelan ...


Telematics: OBD or CAN?

When it comes to telematics data, these days the question is no longer whether you need it, but rather which system you should choose. Depending on the size and requirements of the operation, fleet managers can choose between a cheaper on-board diagnostics port (OBD) and a more sophisticated and expensive controller area network system (CAN). The decision as to which is most suitable requires careful consideration on a case-by-case basis. OBDs The option of an OBD solution results in a reduced cost for installation and an easy-to-understand way of gathering and accessing telematics data. H ...


Get More from Your Telematics: Driver Training

Using telematics data to track fleet vehicles can be a valuable tool for fleet managers, with the analytics technology providing a wealth of information to help with the day-to-day running of operations. One of the most important aspects of this is the ability to identify good and bad driver behaviours in order to offer targeted training and increase profits across the company. Bad Driving Costs Money It is estimated that bad driving habits cost the transport industry many millions of pounds every year, but by understanding how a driver''s "style" impacts several issues, ...


JWD InfoLogistic (JWD.TB) and Samudera Indonesia Group form Integrated Logistics Joint-Venture

First Deal for JV in Cold Storage Biz in Indonesia BANGKOK, Dec 13, 2017 - (ACN Newswire) - JWD InfoLogistic PCL (JWD.TB), a leading "Total Logistics Solutions Provider", and the Samudera Indonesia shipping group have established a Joint Venture firm to provide integrated logistics solutions in Indonesia. The JV firm''s initial mission is a 67% purchase in cold storage company based in Jakarta, with additional cold storages in other cities to follow. Samudera has stated the need to grow its presence in the inland logistics business, a sector with high growth potential, whi ...


JWD InfoLogistic (JWD.TB) and Samudera Indonesia Group form Integrated Logistics Joint-Venture

First Deal for JV in Cold Storage Biz in Indonesia BANGKOK, Dec 13, 2017 - (ACN Newswire) - JWD InfoLogistic PCL (JWD.TB), a leading "Total Logistics Solutions Provider", and the Samudera Indonesia shipping group have established a Joint Venture firm to provide integrated logistics solutions in Indonesia. The JV firm's initial mission is a 67% purchase in cold storage company based in Jakarta, with additional cold storages in other cities to follow. Samudera has stated the need to grow its presence in the inland logistics business, a sector with high growth potential, while J ...


IVU and BestMile Launch Autonomous Mobility Solution for Public Transport

Berlin/Lausanne/San Francisco, 12 December 2017 onomous vehicles in traditional transportation systems. IVU and BestMile have launched the Autonomous Driving for Public Transport project aka order to allow for the integration, real-time routing and dispatching of both vehicle types. The benefits of autonomous mobility do not lie solely in autonomous vehicles, but mostly in what they can offer when they are operated and managed collectively in an integrated transportation ecosystem. BestMileg transport operators and cities to offer innovative services adapted to their specific transportati ...


Stop Press: Safety Permit Scheme Coming in 2020

The start of the Mayor of London Under the original proposal, HGVs were due to be assessed with a first in these vehicles. However, opponents have argued that direct vision was an insufficient measure, and the Mayor of London has responded to these concerns. Drive for Improved Road Safety The Safety Permit Scheme is anticipated to be in place from 2020 and forms a central part of the Vision Zero initiative, a joint scheme between the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL). Its implementation is intended to enhance road safety for all road users, including drivers on haulage jobs, ...


All About Agency Workers: Top Tips for Freight Forwarders

Many haulage companies experience a lack of drivers at some point throughout the year he most important legalities involved in dealing with temporary work agencies. What is an Agency Worker? An agency worker is a driver How Can Agency Workers Help You? It The Legalities In 2010, the Agency Workers Regulations came into force. These regulations set out how the relationship between the third party (you) and the temporary work company must function. For example, agency workers are entitled to make use of the same amenities and facilities Once a temporary hire has completed twelve weeks ...


Winter Preparation on England’s Highways

In winter, delivery work can become a nerve-wracking test of a drivern store for us. Keeping Us On the Move Like Father Christmas Keeping the UK Necessary Risk According to roads minister Jesse Norman, ob as efficiently and safely as possible. Good Advice Highways Englandlic and road travellers to be able to complete their work safely. In winter, delivery work is painfully slow, but slowing down is the best advice these winter warriors can give to drivers who have to be on the roads. Attempting to pass these slow-moving gritter vehicles is also a major no-no. The temptation to overtak ...


Doing Our Bit for the Veterans

This year Holding the Line Bedfordshire Haulage Ltd provided security support to the veterans marching in this year This local haulage company is just another prime example of the industry Charity on the Move The opportunities for a haulage company to become involved in charity work are endless. Stories of individual lorry drivers identifying and addressing a need in the community are abundant. Larger shipping and logistics companies frequently back their employees The PDF (Professional Drivers Foundation) also helps to ensure assistance if one of its members falls on hard times. Looking ...


Why a TMS is the Best: Benefits for the Courier Industry

The advent of the cloud-based transport management system (TMS) is creating a virtual revolution within the courier industry. Now, no matter what their size, courier companies can utilise this innovative software to not only provide a better, faster and more accountable service for customers, but to also lower costs and improve their own bottom line. Small Business, Big Service For the most part, larger firms are already using TMS solutions, but it would also be beneficial if more small- to medium-sized enterprises integrated a TMS into their operations; this would go a long way towards crea ...


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