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Why Courier Managers Should Have a Code of Practice

With what seems like most of the world on Twitter and Facebook, simple mistakes can often lead to a lot of bad press. Whether it What Is a Code of Practice and Why Do I Need One? A code of practice is a set of official rules that let employed courier drivers know how they should act on the job. Having a clearly defined code of practice protects drivers and the business from simple mistakes and misunderstandings, as well as providing a framework for dealing with problems as they arise. Even if you are self-employed, having a code of practice can help clients understand and appreciate your pro ...


Top Reasons to Develop Your Soft Skills as a Courier Manager

Different industries demand different skill sets, and working in the courier industry requires specific abilities. Excellent driving habits go without saying, and yet an owner driver must also learn how to keep accounts and deal with clients. However, there are many ff in future recommendations and reviews. Communication is Key As any owner driver knows, courier work can seem like an endless chain of forms and documents. Although these papers are important, as they ensure that both you and the client are on the same page, they cannot replace the benefits of spoken communication. It is essen ...


Five Phrases Every Driver Dreads to Hear

The experienced courier driver is calm, not easily flustered or frustrated. After all, you soon get used to having to deal patiently with other people The last thing a courier driver wants to be doing during a routine pickup is risking life and limb. Couriers learn to take hazardous labels very seriously, and they are not paid enough to make it worth getting up close and personal with dangerous substances. This is one of the most common (and most frustrating) little phrases that a courier driver may hear. Though routes are timed to perfection, unfortunately you can never rely on a client ...


A Guide for New Couriers: Estimating Your Rate

When you are starting up a courier business or moving into a new area, it can be tricky to know what Tools of the Trade There are a few different methods of setting a fee for your courier loads. Whichever one you choose, you must ensure that you have the appropriate technology to help you measure times, weights and distances accurately. This will help you make your calculations and, if you can easily show a client your methods of recording this information, you will quickly build up trusting and profitable relationships. I would advise investing in a GPS tracker, as this is the simplest w ...


Getting More Courier Contracts

One of the hardest aspects of setting up as an owner driver is the responsibility of securing work for yourself. Although you gain freedom and the opportunity to make more money if you venture out on your own, you also accept the struggle and frustration of searching for and closing on jobs that suit you. Let Speed: Time Frames, For many people using a courier service, speed is of the essence. Most clients will be interested in how quickly you can take their parcel from Point A to Point B. As an owner driver, you must be aware that it is perfectly acceptable to charge a premium for deliveri ...


3 Incentives to Becoming a Self-Employed Courier

Though working for somebody else has many positives, there are also many benefits to being self-employed. It Perhaps you are ready to say goodbye to strict dress codes, clocking in and out and listening to the same awful radio station day in and day out. Then read on! Today I am giving you three reasons why you might want to consider looking for self-employed courier jobs in the future. 1. Financial Gain Itoyed by a company. Even accounting for deductions (now made by your employer), you still come out with a healthy profit. A benefit of running your own business is that many of your expe ...

26.02.2018 Makes a Name for Itself for Develop Long-Lasting Livestock Trailers

Hallettsville, Texas, Dec 26th 2017 - is one of the most reliable and trusted livestock trailer manufacturers in Texas. The company has made a name for itself for being one of the best manufacturer of livestock trailers According to customers, the trailers are durable and strong. That what has given them an edge over many other livestock trailer manufacturers. The manufacturer for livestock trailers for sale has experts who have experience in making livestock trailers and they do their best to make sure that customers are getting only the best trailers that will transport ...


Experienced Healthcare Fraud Defense Attorneys Now Serve Clients in Brooklyn and the Surrounding Areas In New York

Dallas, Texas-based healthcare fraud defense law firm Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP, is announcing today that it will be serving clients in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas in New York City. The U.S. federal government is cracking down on healthcare fraud, and the team of attorneys at our firm has the experience and knowledge necessary to help guide clients through any case. The attorneys at Oberheiden & McMurrey, LLP, urge all of those who have been charged with healthcare fraud to take their charges seriously and to seek out the best legal help possible. For those in Brooklyn and N ...


Healthcare Tele-Consultation Services Market Volume Forecast and Value Chain Analysis 2016-2024, Credence Research

According to a new market research report published by Credence Research a CAGR of 23.8% from 2016 to 2024. Market Insights The healthcare tele-consultation services market is majorly driven by increasing need to lower healthcare costs in the developed countries in the North America and European regions. In addition, growing maturity and technological awareness among the patients have led to the increasing adoption of tele-consultation services via phone calls, video calls or kiosk visits. Favorable factors such as various government programs and insurance coverage for online consultation hav ...


Greenkraft, Inc. (OTCQB: GKIT) Signs Supply Contracts for its Alternative Fuel Commercial Trucks, Rising to Meet Industry Demand

SANTA ANA, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/31/17 -- (OTCQB: GKIT), a nationally recognized player in the alternative fuel engine and truck market, today announces that it has signed supply contracts with several dealers and distributors looking to provide to their customers a range of efficient eco-friendly commercial trucks.Greenkraft''s Model G line of fuel efficient, versatile commercial trucks will offer businesses in the delivery and service sectors a wide choice of reliable, cost-effective vehicles. The Company''s globally manufactured commercial truck line consists of 18 ...


Greenkraft, Inc. Expands Distribution Network to Meet Increased Product Demand

SANTA ANA, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/10/17 -- Greenkraft, Inc. (OTCQB: GKIT), a nationally recognized player in the alternative fuel engines and trucks, today announces that it is expanding its dealer network to meet increased demand for its line of alternative fuel, cab-forward trucks. Greenkraft has signed up with two additional dealers to promote and sell its commercial trucks, adding to its list of dealers."This is an exciting time for Greenkraft as we accelerate our growth plan to meet the increased interest in alternative fuel automotive products for commercial use. The new dealers ...


A. Duie Pyle Named Top Northeast LTL Carrier in 2017 Logistics Management Quest for Quality Awards

WEST CHESTER, PA -- (Marketwired) -- 08/14/17 -- (Pyle), the premier provider of asset and non-asset based transportation and supply chain solutions in the Northeast, has been recognized as the leading Northeast/Mid-Atlantic regional LTL carrier in Logistics Management Magazine''s 2017 Quest for Quality Awards. For more than three decades, this merit and performance-based industry award has determined the top logistics and transportation service providers based on reader surveys regarding customer satisfaction and performance excellence."Every year, we set aggressive customer ...


A Trucker''s Guide to Navigating Norway

For truck drivers, long distance haulage can be a highly lucrative aspect of the business – especially if you can pick up some return loads on the homeward leg of the journey. The Road to Norway (and Back) is Paved with Profit While Norway is not part of the EU, it is part of the EEA (European Economic Area) and, as an extremely resource-rich country, the constant movement of goods in and out creates myriad opportunities for those in the transport industry. If you''re not already a member of the Haulage Exchange (the UK''s leading independent freight exchange), this should ...


Vehicles with Va Va Voom: Livery, Sign Writing and Wrapping

For those in the haulage industry whose livelihood lies out on the open road, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of marketing your business is right there in front of your nose. Investing in well-designed truck livery gets your brand out there in front of countless consumers every day, all over the country. Reap the Benefits The benefits of vehicle advertising are manifold and include (but are certainly not restricted) to the following aspects: Longevity: Truck wrapping is a one-off job that can last up to two years, unlike other forms of advertising that can all too quickly b ...


Say ‘Oui’ to French Freight Exchanges

If you''re looking at taking on haulage jobs across the Channel, it''s not simply a matter of donning a jauntily tipped beret and saying "voila". France has its own rules and regulations and it is particularly important to comply when your livelihood and safety are at stake. ***The following is a guide only and you should do your own research. Driver Requirements When driving a lorry into France you must carry the following documentation: a valid passport, the appropriate driving licence and, if the vehicle is not registered to you, a letter of authority from t ...


UK Trucker’s Favourite Truck Stops for 2017

From drab and dull facilities to leaky showers, undercooked grub and non-existent WiFi – any experienced truck driver will have visited some disappointing truck stops. However, there are also some great stops out there doing their best to provide a top-notch service to hungry and tired drivers. Here we celebrate five of the best truck stops in the UK as chosen by real UK haulage drivers. Whether it’s tasty food or old-school charm, these stops have wowed truckers from the top to the bottom of the country. AWJ Penrith Truckstop CA11 9EH AWJ Penrith is known for its lo ...


3 Must-Have Apps for UK Truck Drivers

Driving from A to B might sound simple but, as HGV operators know, there can be a whole host of complications. From unsuitable roads, to lack of overnight parking, to time-wasting dead mileage, there are many possible frustrations. Thanks to modern technology, there are lots of applications out there that claim to make life easier for those driving HGVs. Here to sort the best from the rest, I’m breaking down the three must-have apps for truck drivers in the UK. Truck Parking Europe Truck Parking Europe advertises itself as ‘your buddy on the road’ and, put very simply, it’s for truck drivers ...


The Haulier''s Guide to the Channel Islands

During the course of your working week as a UK haulier you may travel the length and breadth of the country delivering and picking up goods. But if you take on haulage jobs abroad, there are extra challenges to face in terms of foreign road rules, regulations and by-laws. It''s vitally important you stay abreast of these to ensure you don''t risk running foul of the law or compromise your own safety and that of others. But aside from the rest of Europe, there are places closer to home that may have some unfamiliar rules. Even though the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man ...


Looking for a Powerful Distribution Vehicle? Think Volvo FE

For UK freight operators, the M6 motorway is vital to the logistics of navigating the congested Midlands, and over the past five years commercial use of the motorway has increased by an average of 19% each year. The FTA (Freight Transport Association) has welcomed news that goods vehicles are to be exempt from the latest increases in the toll charge. A Welcome Exemption Midland Expressway, the company that operates the toll charge, made the announcement on July 7th that an increase of 40p per car would be implemented from the beginning of August. This is the first price rise since 2012 for ...


Paid Too Much for Your Lorry? Join the RHA Group Action

Recently, European truck manufacturers have been fined almost 3 billion euros for price fixing after admitting they were guilty of violating EU rules. The Road Haulage Association, or RHA, is making a group claim for compensation for those who were overcharged for their trucks. I look into the activities of the truck manufacture’s cartel and see what the RHA’s action means for a haulage contractor who bought or rented a truck in the last two decades. The Crime A group of truck manufacturers has been accused, and admitted, to organising the pricing of trucks from 1997 to 2011. Such activity ...


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