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The Story Behind the Story: What Lies at the Heart of Templar Award-Winning Short Film

Diplomatic Immunity Films was proud to herald the release of their award-winning short film, Knights Templar Secrets Found, on the 1st February 2018, but - for them - the film is just part of the bigger picture. The Knights Templar are well-known for their secretive nature yet the world is still fascinated by their actions centuries after the Templars ceased to exist. What makes their story all the more fascinating is the degree to which their secrets have been protected The Knights Templar Secrets Found story may begin with the discovery of a lapel pin in 2016, but it stretches back to Vic ...


New you can play shopkins games online - new website launched

Online games are so much fun. People of all ages simply love to spend time in playing these games as they give a chance to enjoy some light moments. Online games are really interesting and all the more fun when one has a bunch of friends or competitors. There are various types of online games. Action, adventure and puzzle games are just a few to name. There are games that suit people of different age groups. Adventure games are usually the most preferred one as one can spend long number of hours playing the game. These games are the best ways of killing time during weekend. There are various ...


Olivia Summers is Hollywood’s Most Trusted Female Stunt & Performance Car Driver

Los Angeles, CA - Olivia Summers ( ) Olivia Summers is one of Hollywoodbut a passion that she held on to since childhood. She grew up racing jet-skis and snowmobiles; thanks to her father and brothers who introduced her sports. Olivia developed her skill for quick reflexes long before she became a professional stunt driver. Oliviaost prominent theatre and dance groups which led her to Los Angeles, California and from there was no looking back. Olivia Summers landed high-profile acting roles in films such as most popular for her stunt driving in the movie Bridesm ...


Democracy: The Austrian Way

In this issue, you will find Former President Heinz Fischer has kept busy since leaving office in July 2016. Despite the current populist wave, Heinz Fischer told METROPOLE Austrian politics is complicated, and in many ways, typically Austrian. Built on consensus, compromise and feedback from many stakeholders, the Austrian system of government has endured far greater swings on the political pendulum. Over decades, change happens slowly, and extreme rhetorical positions are softened through compromise before becoming law. If you aren An introduction to a new METROPOLE series, Empire to R ...


Murder Mystery Texas Releases The Itinerary For Its 28th Annual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Keith and The company began its announcement by stating that the event will kick off with a reception and dancing. Guests will then receive a welcome letter with instructions. The company indicated that guests will then be seated at round tables of ten, which are designated with different mystery-themed team names (e.g., The Columbo Team). Murder Mystery Texas said that the dance floor will be open during this time. Murder Mystery Texas went on to indicate that the reception will be followed by a salad course, during which announcements will be m ...


The Expat Media Hub creates a repository for expatriate bloggers to share experiences and help others looking to follow in their footsteps

Throughout history it has been the explorers that have been lauded in the history books. Individuals who have cut a path so that when others follow, the experience of moving to far flung lands is more often than not markedly different and somewhat easier thanks to the efforts and hardships of those that went before. Today that practice is not too dissimilar from yesteryear. People now take to social media and other more traditional media regularly to advise those individuals and families who are looking to relocate to other areas of the world on what to do before they go and of course, what ...


Dock10’s post production team adds atmosphere to Magnet’s latest TV campaign

Magnet, one of the UKed moments take place. Working closely with Magnetat the centre of the story, so the post production team used a number of techniques to keep the focus of attention on the product. At the same time, they worked to increase the warm family feel of the piece, enhancing the emotional connection between the product, narrative and audience. Within dock10 Paul Harrisoner the required emotional response from the audience. ...


GW2 Sale Becomes The Best Guild Wars 2 Items Providing Website

While Guild Wars 2 might just be one of the best MMORPG titles out there right now, many people have complained how earning gold in the game is quite tiresome. Many people will have to grind a lot of their time away in order to attain any level of wealth in the game. This is especially true if they have little knowledge of the game This is why many people have begun to buy gold online. While a lot of the websites that offer gold and other services for online games prove to be fraudulent, GW2Sale is one website that has constantly managed to surprise their customers and given them the level of ...


Many Guild Wars 2 Players Have Begun To Use GW2 Sale As Their Premier In-Game Item Store

While getting gold in Guild Wars 2 might have been easy when the game first came out, over the course of its existence, the developers have added certain features that make attaining gold nothing more than just a time-consuming endeavor. It requires one to spend a multitude of their daily time and energy to gain anywhere This is why many of the players who simply do not have the time or energy to spend on collecting gold or items, use online services to buy them with real money instead. This has proven to be the option that is not only faster but also much more effective. GW2 Sale is one su ...


GW2 Sale Receives a Multitude of Positive Feedback from Customers

Reliable gold-purchasing websites are quite difficult to find online. Most websites are simply too expensive in their pricing GW2 Sale is one website that has managed to go beyond the expectations of the Guild Wars 2 players, providing them with an effective manner to attain some of the game Many players have already used this service, and much to their surprise were provided the items that they purchased in a rather quick time They are known primarily for selling Guild Wars gold and GW Ecto but also provide many other items that provide in-game advantages. This ranges from sword packages ...


Discover a Huge Collection of Asian Porn Videos

Asian Sex Diary is an exceptional online diary, offering a self-made gallery of John Tron, who presents original hardcore amateur Asian videos and pictures to his viewers. This diary is the real-life sex adventure of a guy, who likes shooting all his intimate dates with Asian girls, providing his followers with the exciting videos, containing intercourses and blowjobs. Therehile traveling around Asia in search of pussies. The number of Asian Sex Diary followers grows every single day, since this website delivers a very special type of entertainment. In addition, this online diary is frequent ...


Check Out the Hottest Online Indian Cam Models is a website for men and women who want to enjoy Live Indian cams. Humans, like all animals have needs, and one of this need is sex related. However, unlike animals, there are social norms, and we cannot jump on someone just because we want to have sex. But we can enjoy ourselves, and men only need visual images to get excited. Fortunately, we live in the world of the internet, and there are lots of adult content out there. Stories, pictures or videos that cover all types of categories, depending on what are your desires. However, the majority of videos on the internet are creat ...


Discover the Best Cams Desi for Adults

Cams Desi proposes to you the very interesting and intriguing web cams and girls for free. If you are a man who wants to spend the evenings more intriguing, then these services are specially for you. Users are able to communicate with beautiful girls and spend well their leisure time. Cams Desi is the platform in which everyone will find a cozy place. Desi cams website is about a hot and crazy atmosphere. You will feel comfortable among so many sexy girls that are waiting for you while you are navigating on the web page. The desi cam chat is also available for those who are always annoyed and ...


Latina Cams Plus Is Offering the Largest Collection of Latina Cams Out There

Latina Cams Plus is offering the most exciting as well as genuinely refreshing Latina cam girls out there. One way or the other, it would be foolish to argue with the simple fact that the World Wide Web is pretty much filled with all kinds of adult content. And even though there is a huge variety of genres, actors and videos, odds are, you are already sick and tired of all the static porn that you watch. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of different alternatives and cam chats are becoming more and more popular these day. With that said, while the market is offering a plethora of differen ...


Gazpo Is Offerign the Best Unblocked Games Out There

Gazpo is offering the most effective ways to benefit from the best games both at work and in your place of studies. No doubt, casual mobile games are becoming more and more popular these days, due to a number of different reasons. After all, these do not require too much time to beat, they are easy to play, intuitive and user-friendly. And, of course, if you are a fan of the casual mobile gaming, you are probably also a fan of agario games. These are not just fun to play With that said, at times, employers or study superiors are blocking all kinds of games within their vicinities. I ...


Mope.Io - The Most Popular Game On the Internet

The strategy of playing the game is very simple. Even a child can handle the rules. In Mopeio the goal is to eat as many circles as possible while keeping away from the other players. You are able to move along the plants constantly as you eat enough of the circles. Once you run from the larger mice and shrimp who are trying to knock you out. The goal is to become as large as possible. On the website you can find this game and play it online both alone as well as together with some other gamers. Of course, it is not the only game on the site. There are a lot of other interesting games ...


Gazpo Will Help You Find the Best Wings IO Experience

Gazpo is offering the best way to enjoy the wings io gaming experience without any kind of restrictions. One way or the other, it is apparent that the mobile gaming market is constantly growing and casual games are becoming more and more popular every day. And there is a great reason for it The game is very fun to play time, both at home and at work, without any problems or restrictions. And even though there are plenty of different wings .io resources out there, Gazpo is there to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience and, in addition, with a great way to make the most from the ga ...


Diep io one of the best games you can play right now is one of the hottest online games on the market. With simple graphics and a huge following online it is one of the most played and most enjoyed by the casual gamers. Coming as a response to the toxic communities of the Tanki online and World of Tanks the game, the game has managed to capture the atmosphere and the adrenaline infused style of the games named above without overcomplicating things. With a talented team of developers behind and a devoted fan base it is taking the world of online browser games by storm, connecting thousands of people in the process. The game is one of the ...


What is and How to Play It? is an addictive game that you play with other gamers on multiple platforms. It is hard to find a video game that you will love playing for many hours. The industry is full of video games that promises much entertainment, however, once you install it on your phone or computer, you realize that it is just a mediocre game, and you will decide to uninstall it. Why would you do such a try and error process, when you can read what the reviewers are telling and just play the best games. Nowadays, a lot of people are playing a trendy type of games called io games. These games are usually pla ...

14.01.2018 Is a Game to Survive is a survival style .io game found online. Your main goal in this game is to survive against cows, chickens, and other players that are out to get you. You do this by collecting resources and crafting items. Collecting resources also gives you experience, which as you gain more, it unlocks new items. Items include things like weapons, varieties of food, wall upgrades, and trap upgrades. On the website you can play this game directly, online. Moreover, on the bottom of the page, there is a short overview of the game and some tips and tricks that will make you the winner of this game. ...


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