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We are discount jewelry exporter from China,we specialize in wholesale jewelry,discount fashion jewelry,including cheap jewelry,handmade jewelry and other jewelry with necklace, bracelet,earrings and more. Buying Chinese jewelry and accessories may be interesting, exciting and confusing. Whether you want to take a gift from the Chinese jewelry and accessories for someone special. Here is some information to help you get the best quality Chinese jewelry and accessories for your money if you are shopping in a traditional Entity shop or store or online. Discount Pearl Jewelry Nowadays, cultur ...


how to select handmade Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise has been mined throughout the world. Clear blue Persian turquoise the finest turquoise. Turquoise in India produce green turquoise. Chinese turquoise are currently selling a great deal of turquoise in varying colors to the discount jewelry industry. turquoise in the southwestern US, many family owned, turquoise in a variety of colors and qualities. Why do Turquoise have Different Colors? The blue turquoise is enhanced when copper is present. If the turquoise is formed contains more aluminum, the turquoise will shade to green. When zinc is present, the deposits are shade yellow-gr ...


Rigid paper UHF Label (Read/Write Gen 2 UHF RFID Tag)

DAILY RFID has released rigid paper UHF Label, each including a small IC chip and antenna, designed as a durable read/write Gen 2 UHF RFID tag even under harsh environment. The UHF label is rewriteable to allow compliance with EPC Gen 2(ISO18000-6C) standard and ideal for supply chain management, such as baggage handling, in archiving including libraries, document tracking, etc. The chip comes with a unique ID code and the memory capacity of the uhf rfid tag is available in 1K/4K. Besides, it is fully supported on logo printing, number printing, barcode printing. The rigid Gen 2 UHF RFID tag ...


Picture Restore Software

Picture Restore Software Lost picture rescue tool recovers lost images Saturday, August 22, 2009: Digital Picture Recovery Software recovers lost photos, deleted snaps, erased images from logically corrupted hard disk partitions, formatted removable media device, inaccessible digital camera with full accuracy. Lost snaps undelete tool is an effective application to restore damaged data, unidentified snapshots from USB media drive such as Pen drive, memory stick, compact flash, multimedia memory card. Deleted Images Rescue Program provides comprehensive solution to recover your picture of some ...


No Closing Cost Mortgage Refinance - How can you Qualify

Many people are confused approximately if they should obtain no closing cost refinance or refinancing with a closing-cost. The true truth of the matter is that it depends completely on your financial position and the options of refinancing which were offered to you. You would have never let no matter whom indicate to you that a cost of no-closing cost mortgage refinance will be always better than one which includes a closing-cost; it is simply not true. If you want to obtain the best business on your plan of refinancing, you must examine all the options available and calculate outside which w ...


"Electronic Systems for Vehicles" VDI Congress: MOST Cooperation Presents MOST Future

MOST Specification Rev. 3.0 is Taking Shape in the Form of MOST150 Product and Project Releases Karlsruhe (Germany) August 5, 2009 - The MOST Cooperation will be presenting a look into the MOST Future at the 14th International VDI Congress "Electronic Systems for Vehicles" in Baden-Baden (Germany). On October 7-8, 2009, member companies of the organization, through which the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) is standardized, will show various demonstrations presenting High-Definition video over MOST, Ethernet tunneling over MOST, MOST Co ...


SMSC Reduces Power Consumption of Automotive Infotainment with Delivery of a Single-Chip Power Manag

Hauppauge, NY, August 6, 2009 – SMSC (NASDAQ: SMSC), a leading semiconductor company that provides Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity™ solutions, today announced the MPM85000, a low-cost, single-chip solution for power management of Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST®) devices. Seeing the need to eliminate several discrete electronic components, SMSC’s MPM85000 combines all necessary peripheral functions to implement a MOST network interface such as diagnostics, status monitoring and power supply. The MPM85000 offers a small footprint 4x4mm², 24-pin QFN package and can be used for all MOST ...


Mulit Data Logger - Telemotive AG

(Munich, 14.08.2009) The increase of different bus systems in the automotive industry pushes the error diagnostics and analysis more and more in the center of attention. As laboratory tests are not sufficient to reproduce customer-oriented conditions and communication in vehicles occurs via multiple electronic control units, Telemotive has developed the blue PiraT – a Multi Bus Data Logger for CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST (25/150) and serial interfaces, which can be used in the laboratory as well as on the street. The data of the different bus systems are stored with synchronous time stamps on a 40 ...


FlexRay - Telemotive AG

(München, 13.08.2009) As a member of the FlexRay consortium Telemotive offers apart from numerous other variants also data loggers with FlexRay, the blue PiraT 2C2FR and the blue PiraT 6C2L2FR. Based on the standard device 2C the blue PiraT 2C2FR has beside MOST25, CAN and the serial interfaces RS232/RS422 also 2 FlexRay channels. The blue PiraT 6C2L2FR additionally provides 4 CAN and 2 LIN interfaces. Synchronous time stamps on all channels, automotive-suitability and usability are still main features of the blue PiraT product range. The blue PiraT matches once more its image as a versatile ...


DL710 Handheld RFID Reader with promotion price at under 400USD

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled its new PDA based Handheld RFID reader DL710 available in LF or HF version. It is designed as a palm-sized, lightweitht handheld terminal for industrial and outdoor environments, with promotion price at 380USD this month. The Handheld RFID reader DL710 is small and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket, with only 165g weight, thus enabling to find tagged items quicky and conveniently. And it can allow for the capture of a comprehensive range of data – including RFID tags, barcodes and images. The RFID Handheld reader DL710 delivers high performance for inform ...


DAILY unveils its new PDA based RFID Reader DL710

DAILY RFID has recently unveiled a new PDA based RFID reader DL710 designed for industrial and outdoor environments to cater for the requirement of RFID mobile solutions, with a low price at 380USD this month. This lightweight PDA based RFID reader DL710 features numerous advanced applications such as integrated barcode scanner, bluetooth and camera, thus allowing for the capture of a comprehensive range of data – including RFID tags, barcodes and images. The PDA RFID reader DL710, which is available in two operating frequency - HF(High Frequency) 13.56MHz or LF(Low Frequency) 125 KHz, is id ...


All Flex Intensifies European Sales Activities on Flexible Circuit Technology

Northfield (Minnesota, US) July 28, 2009 - All Flex Acquisitions LLC (d/b/a All Flex), a flexible circuit and flexible heater manufacturer, announced a sales partnership with Quicktronics, PCB design and sales house, starting in July 2009. By enforcing their European business activities All Flex marks the consequential milestone of their marketing strategy after entering the European market exactly one year ago in July 2008. "In our first year we have accomplished great progress in public and customer awareness by marketing communications including four trade show appearances", sta ...


SMSC’s MOST® Network Again Adopted in Mercedes E-Class

Hauppauge, New York – July 27, 2009 - SMSC (NASDAQ: SMSC), a leading semiconductor company that provides Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity™ solutions, today announced that its Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST®) networking technology, has been selected as part of the infotainment system of the new Mercedes E-Class. MOST is the standard network for the infotainment systems across the full range of Mercedes volume platforms. Its proliferation, which started with the previous E-Class, is now entering the second round. “We are pleased to continue to be selected by Daimler as the in-vehicle n ...


automotive roadshow 2009 defies the economic crisis and tours through Germany

Starnberg, 20. July 2009 - qaqadu event gmbh, specialising in events and roadshows, arranged a nine day tour of automobile producers and component suppliers throughout Germany. The automotive roadshow 2009 presented products, solutions and services of the electronic industry using the idea of mobile exhibitions. The show covered more than 1700 kilometers and demonstrated technical innovations right at the development sites. Even with, and precisely because of, the difficult economic situation of the car market, the exhibitors were cordially welcomed and their products keenly discussed. The ...


OptoLyzer G2 Premium Bundle - an All-Inclusive MOST Network Analysis Solution

Hauppauge, NY - July 14, 2009 - SMSC today announced the OptoLyzer G2 Premium Bundle, a new high-end analysis solution that is part of SMSC's OptoLyzer G2 family. The OptoLyzer G2 Premium Bundle comes with an OptoLyzer G2 for MOST25, for MOST50 or for MOST150 networks and includes the following software extensions: - OptoLyzer Components - MOST Radar - MOST Rapid Control - INIC Remote Viewer A key benefit is the availability of the broad set of ready-to-use software extensions without the need for additional configuration. As a result, the developer can immediately and easily: - Crea ...


International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2009

PRESS RELEASE The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2009 “The Role of Soft Power in the International Environment” Berlin, 27th – 31st July 2009 The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy’s International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy will bring together an international, inter-disciplinary group of 200 participants from across the world for a weeklong program of lectures and panel discussions. The focus of the Symposium is the role of soft power in the international environment. Given the profile of the speakers we would like to extend an invitation for press coverage of the ...


Spectral Sensor Systems from MAZeT for Process Analytics

MAZeT presents its multi-range spectral sensors that MAZeT uses as basis for developing and supplying application-specific sensor modules for its customers. The sensors can be adapted to the particular application both in regard to the number of spectral channels and the spectral transmission characteristics of each channel. The first sensor presented in this design has six spectral channels, whose filters from 400 nm to 700 nm overlap one another and are uniformly distributed over this range. These modules are distinguished by their small size, parallel signal processing of all spectral ch ...


Matchbox cars ride with Montrac

The idea to present the Matchbox cars with a Montrac system was conceived and developed by the museum in cooperation with Montech. 40 shuttle run along 36 meters of monorail track, carrying 3000 miniature models from all categories and times. The Montrac system is built on three levels for a total height of four meters and hangs from the hall ceiling. Via a touchscreen display, visitors can retrieve a showcase to take a close look at the Matchbox cars at two rotating stations. A lift takes the shuttle with the requested showcase down to the visitor’s watching level. Interactive miniature ware ...


Delphi can help you see "inside" your products

Stuttgart, Germany – Computer Tomographs (CT) are presently standard equipment in the field of medical technology, and until now those used industrial applications could only examine the surface of materials. Delphi Corp. is the first in the automotive industry to look deep inside components with newly developed computer tomographs. The results are exciting possibilities for quality assurance, reverse engineering, and reduced development times. A deep look inside reveals details without destruction The same technology that has transformed medical examinations for humans is also applicable ...


Delphi offers engineering expertise in commercial testing for automotive and other industries

Stuttgart, Germany – The Delphi Corp. (PINKSHEETS: DPHIQ) engineering team, located at the Delphi Customer Technology Centre Luxembourg (CTCL), is presenting its broad competence in testing and analysing capabilities at the Automotive Testing Expo show in Stuttgart, Germany. The CTCL specialises in noise and vibration, exhaust emissions, engine durability, electromagnetic compatibility, and electronic systems test and development. With more than 500 engineers and technicians in Luxembourg, Delphi employs state of the art systems to support a wide range of testing and development programs for ...


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