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New LUMIMAX® Area Lights of the LG-V02-series

The new generation of the LUMIMAX The latest generation of LUMIMAX convinces thanks to double-sided LED injections with greatly improved homogeneity and brightness values. Available as collimated backlights for very demanding applications, as highly diffuse backlight illuminations or as incident light variants with camera view, these illuminations cover a variety of different machine vision applications. Due to the completely revised design, such as the repositioning of the cooling fins and the optimization of the light guides and controllers, the mechanical construction was significantly redu ...


Cailabs and Edmund Optics Partner to Make Off-the-Shelf Reflective Laser Beam Shaping a Reality

Cailabs, a manufacturer of unique photonics products, has partnered with Edmund OpticsCailabs Canunda Reflective Axicons are now exclusively available online from EO and are in stock for immediate world-wide shipping. These reflective axicons generate high-quality Bessel beams for glass processing and other high-power laser applications. Their unique, fully-reflective design can handle high energy and eliminate chromatic dispersion, making them compatible with femtosecond ultrafast lasers such as Ti:sapphire and Yb-doped lasers. Conventional transmissive axicons, on the other hand, suffer from ...


High-Performance Filters for Corona Tests

Optical filters play a crucial role in detecting the corona pathogen SARS CoV 2. With the expanded Ultra series, LASER COMPONENTS now offers optical filters that were specifically developed for real-time qPCR tests for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Patient samples can thus be analyzed faster and more efficiently. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a proven method in which the inactive genetic material of viruses is exponentially multiplied so that it can finally be detected in the laboratory. In quantitative real-time PCR, additional fluorescent dyes are added to the reaction, which become active ...


FISBA AG opens sales office in Shanghai, China

FISBA is reinforcing its market presence in the Asian region and is opening a sales office in the World Square Building in Shanghai, China. With its newly established office in the Chinese business metropolis, the Swiss-based company will be able to provide even more effective support to customers in China and Asia and react more flexibly to their needs. FISBA has been active in the Chinese market in cooperation with distributors for more than 10 years. Opening the sales office is a further milestone for the company as part of its long-term development strategy. With the official inauguration ...


DOEs Made of Low-OH Quartz Glass

Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) are now also available from LASER COMPONENTS on Corning 7979 quartz glass. With this low-OH material, the manufacturer Holo/OR guarantees an internal transmission of nearly 100% in the wavelength range from 1500 nm to 3000 nm. This is particularly interesting for use with Er:YAG lasers at a wavelength of 2940 nm. This material also offers special advantages in high-power applications with laser outputs of several kilowatts because it does not heat up as much due to its low absorption. All DOEs that are currently produced on standard quartz glass can also be ...


eagleyard Photonics rebrands into TOPTICA eagleyard

eagleyard became part of the TOPTICA Photonics group in February 2013 and has since continued to operate separately under its own marketing brand and sales organization. Dr. Thomas Renner (CSO TOPTICA Photonics) comments ?We have enjoyed the cooperation with our friends and partners in Berlin for many years now. The new common brand will reflect both strong market positions and create even more synergies?. The sales and distribution structure and website ( however will remain unchanged and independent. The legal address and company leadership of eagleyard Photonics Gm ...


Special Times Call for Special Measures? InfraTec Responds to the Effects of the Corona Pandemic

With the current corona crisis, the world is facing a multitude of challenges. First and foremost is the protection of public health. The SARS-CoV-2 virus known as "Coronavirus" causes an infection of the respiratory tract. At present, only the symptoms, but not the disease itself, can be treated. To combat the pandemic, the availability of medical equipment, especially respiratory equipment, is of enormous importance. As a manufacturer and supplier of systematically relevant sensor components for ventilation technology, InfraTec must therefore "take special measures to be able ...


Laser 2000 Welcomes New Managing Director Andreas Boerner

With Andreas Boerner, Laser 2000 has gained a well-known expert from the industry. His comprehensive technical knowledge makes him the perfect candidate to further extend the success curve of the photonics specialist. Interim Managing Director Ronald Bartel will return to his current position as a member of the Advisory Board as planned. The new managing director Andreas Boerner has more than 10 years of direct professional experience in the development and sales of laser systems, which gives him insights into a wide range of applications from semiconductor production to fusion research. From ...


Ultra-Short Pulses with High Power

LASER COMPONENTS now has two compact, powerful nanosecond drivers for laser diodes in its range of products. LDP-AV 16N45-40 and LDP-AV 1N50-450 were developed by the manufacturer PicoLAS primarily for use in LiDAR applications. The LDP-AV 16N45-40 electronics have 16 separate channels that can be equipped with a total current of 640 A; therefore, an output current of up to 40 A is available in each channel. Each of these channels can be controlled independently and sequentially. This makes the driver ideal for multi-channel applications. The duration of the individual pulses is set by the man ...


Jenoptik supplies generators to a US customer

Through its VINCORION investment, Jenoptik received a long-term order for generators that a US customer is integrating into military vehicles. In its mechatronics business under the VINCORION brand, Jenoptik has received an order from a US manufacturer to supply a total of 730 alternators and controllers to be used in infantry fighting vehicles. The order volume is in the low double-digit million euro range. Delivery is scheduled to begin in 2021, and revenue contributions will be generated from 2021 to 2025. ?Thanks to our decades of experience in the development of customized energy solution ...


Four Detectors at a Time

LASER COMPONENTS now offers an additional extension to SiTek''s successful SEEPOS signal processing system. With the new switch, up to four position sensitive detectors (PSDs) can be connected. It is up to the operator to decide which detector is to be evaluated. The robust, user-friendly design with a multideck rotary switch and D-SUB9 connectors makes the switch particularly attractive for use in laboratories. With SEEPOS, SiTek offers a versatile and easy-to-use tool for processing PSD signals. The software gives the user access to all important parameters such as PSD bias voltage ...


WITec Reveals New Generation alpha300 apyron - Automated Raman Imaging Microscope with AutoBeam? Technology.

WITec GmbH, pioneer of Raman imaging and correlative microscopy, establishes the next level of automation and user-friendliness with the introduction of the new alpha300 apyron. Its AutoBeam technology unlocks the full potential of WITec?s industry-leading alpha300 series. The alpha300 apyron?s entirely new optical, analytical and remote operation capabilities mark the furthest advance yet in speed, sensitivity and resolution. The alpha300 apyron can self-align and self-calibrate, which substantially reduces the researcher?s experimental workload by requiring less user input, enhancing reprodu ...


Hamamatsu Photonics has developed an X-ray TDI camera with enhanced sensitivity to low energy X-rays for in-line non-destructive inspection of thin objects and light-element materials

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed an X-ray TDI (*1) camera, model C15400-30-50A, that has enhanced sensitivity to low energy X-rays by applying a new technique for detecting low-energy X-rays with high sensitivity. This X-ray TDI camera gives sharp high-contrast X-ray images of thin objects such as thin aluminum sheets and light-element materials including carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), and is expected to improve accuracy for in-line non-destructive inspection of foodstuffs and industrial products. Sales of this new X-ray TDI camera are scheduled to start from Wednesday 22 April 2020 ...


Thomas Leitner becomes the new LUMIMAX® Sales Manager for Southwest Germany

With the opening of a new sales office in Backnang near Stuttgart we are enhancing our customer services in the south-western region of Germany as from May 2020. The new iiM branch office will be managed by Mr. Thomas Leitner and includes an image processing laboratory. In addition Thomas Leitner will complement and support the sales activities of our sales manager Mr. Karsten Moses, located in Wei With Thomas Leitner the LUMIMAXg to our company. After his successful graduation in ?Optical Technologies? he enhanced his know-how in diverse companies. In the past years he has held diverse positi ...


Keeping Track of Critical Temperatures-Jenoptik Wins Contract to Supply Infrared Cameras

Jenoptik and InfraTec are continuing their successful partnership in the field of non-contact temperature measurement. The recently signed agreement covers the supply of hand-held and stationary high-end infrared cameras and infrared lenses worth several million euros to Dresden-based InfraTec GmbH, to be made throughout 2020. Thermography users around the world benefit from proven technology and application expertise from central Germany. The uncooled thermography cameras in Jenoptik?s VarioCAM series provide detailed images of heat distributions and measure temperatures with high precision a ...


TOPTICA?s TeraScan helps characterize next-generation terahertz detectors

So-called ?TeraFETs? - field-effect transistors with integrated antennas for terahertz detection - are promising candidates for compact, chip-based, yet broadband terahertz receivers. A team of researchers from Frankfurt University, Ferdinand-Braun Institute (both Germany) and Vilnius University (Lithuania) has managed to significantly improve the performance of TeraFETs, using GaN-based high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs). The sensitivity of the new devices was more than twofold higher than with previous GaN terahertz detectors. The authors employed a TeraScan 1550 from TOPTICA Photoni ...


Rolling shutter sensor IMX183 now also available as IDS board-level cameras

The smallest details must be detected precisely in many applications requiring surface inspection or measurement. Light-sensitive and extremely high-resolution sensors such as the IMX183 from Sony are the best choice here. The resolution of 5536 x 3692 pixels also enables the inspection or monitoring of larger areas, required in quality assurance or ITS applications, for example. Since March, the sensor has been available in the uEye SE camera family from IDS with USB3 vision interface ? in both housed and board-level versions. The Sony Rolling Shutter Sensor features BSI ("back-side-illu ...


IRMMW appoints Prof. Dr. Alfred Leitenstorfer as 2020 Button Prize Winner

Prof. Dr. Alfred Leitenstorfer receives Kenneth J Button Award 2020 of the International Society of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves for "establishing field-resolved technologies throughout the infrared regime and for studies of quantum phenomena under elementary spatial-temporal confinement". Dr. Leitenstorfer has been instrumental in setting up the fiber laser activities at TOPTICA starting in 2003, in particular he has been devising us in the use of highly nonlinear fibers (HNLF) for the generation of coherent broadband and tunable continua, which also form the basis of t ...


Small Component with High Laser Power

With the ADL-85Y51TL from Arima, LASER COMPONENTS now offers a cw laser diode that generates 250 mW of power from a 5.6-millimeter housing. This cost-effective powerhouse emits at a wavelength of 850 nm. With a small divergence angle of 8namic therapy and aesthetic medicine. Further product information: CW Laser Diodes (NIR) Manufacturer: Arima Lasers Corporation ...


Jenoptik supplies state-of-the-art laser systems for automotive supplier Xinquan in China

A Chinese automotive supplier has ordered an additional laser-scoring machine for precision airbag perforation, investing in industry leading technology for processing automotive interiors. Long-term customer Jiangsu Xinquan Automotive Trim Co Ltd, located near Shanghai, has ordered an additional airbag laser perforation system from Jenoptik, after a recent delivery of an identical system to the same customer just a few weeks earlier. The new JENOPTIK-VOTAN is currently being set up and commissioned in Jena, Germany. Delivery will take place shortly before summer. Jenoptik President & CEO ...


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