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Mariana Nicolesco: "Donizetti's Gemma di Vergy, a triumph at Bucharest National Opera"

The Yellow Hall was all of the sudden too small for the many people who wanted to attend the first performance ever in Romania of Donizetti's masterpiece Gemma di Vergy. The number of seats was increased so that everyone could assist at the event: the performance with the two-act opera on a libretto inspired by one of the novels of Alexandre Dumas-Father: Charles VII chez ses grands vassaux. Gemma di Vergy contains sublime pages and, if it is rarely staged, this also occures because of the great virtuosity requested from the soprano and the tenor, as well as in other Donizetti operas, l ...


Calendar - Myth - Silk Road 2010

The calendar: Samarkand and Buchara - names from 1001 nights. An expedition through the northern countries Central-Asia between Uzbekistan to China. The Silk Road leads by deserts and over mountains, a way accompanied from gleaming silk and exotic spices, with towns of magnificent architecture and the century-old history Central-Asia. The observer succumbs to the fascination of outstanding photographies that is sedate in scene optimally. Each leaf of the calendar is printed on both sides, a photography is in the upper area and in the low part of the calendars of the respective month. Addition ...


PURISME Exhibition at Viennese Design Gallery

One of the highlights of this "Long Night of Jewellery" is an exhibition at the artup design showroom at Bauernmarkt 8: Titled "The Black Diamond", the show presents the complete range of PURISME carbon designs, including the world premiere of the PURISME Bracelet. Taking this rare occasion to see the complete PURISME product range in one location is highly recommendable for fans of insired contemporary design - as well as for those who seek pre-christmas inspiration. ...


Calendar - Kyrgyzstan 2010

The calendar: The highest land in Central Asia, situated at the foot of the mighty Tien Shan of mountains: Kirghizia counts to in the least visited state of our earth with an interesting history and culture. When the eye can look, varied and untouched nature applies above valleys and mountains, moulder the capital Bischkek and nearly fantastically waves the sea Kirghizia, the Issyk - Kul - lake rises in the highland. Movingly likes the weekly market of Osch, magically legendary Silk Road and historically significant works the caravanserai of Tasch Rabat. This is Kirghizia, a region between bre ...


"Celan in Bucharest"

Dieter Topp met Romanian opera diva Mariana Nicolesco in Bucarest who was involved in this project with one of her master class students DT: Mariana Nicolesco, you attended the CELAN premier in Bucarest. A hugh crew within one of your students, the young singer Aurelia Florian, please give me a few personal impressions. MN:The first performance ever in Romania with Peter Rusicka's Celan, at the Bucharest National Opera represented for me a very special moment. The German composer's music seamed to me interesting and intense, the interpreters, the orchestra and chorus were remarcabl ...


Identify The Quality Of The Cheap Pearl Jewelry & Wholesale Jewelry

Pearl was regarded as the "Queen Gem" because of its dignified, rich and colorful, elegant and pure .Pearl has already been listed as a lucky stone in June birthday and the wedding anniversary and 13 to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the stone by the international gemstone industry,. With magnificent color and elegance, pearl, a symbol of health, purity, rich and well-being.. Precious jewelry represented by Pearl jewelry also widely loved by people. How to identify the real pearl from the fake beads? tells you the answers .there are four methods.http: ...


Handmade jewelry from

Jewelry has become a part of everyday life. Wearing jewelry is probably the most popular way to adorn oneself. A beautiful piece of jewelry is always seems to complete the dressing for any special occasion and perfectly complements fashion. Nobody would like to wear a piece of handmade jewelry that’s common and almost anybody and everybody would be able to wear. Imagine Pins, This is because handmade bracelets and necklaces are unique and very stylish. Nothing could probably be better than handcrafted jewelry when it comes to complementing fashion or even unique styles in that case. Discount ...


Twin-sister flower of the jasper family in fashion jewelry domain from

Red jasper is known to protect against hazards of the night. Red jasper is very lucky for actors as a strong protective jasper necklace It is one of the oldest known gemstones. Red jasper is mentioned in the Bible several times. It is a strong securing gemstone and stability gemstone. It is a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional stresses, making it a wonderful gemstone to have in your home. Thus, you can see red jasper always populated in the jewelry wholesale business Red jasper comes in many colors. All colors of Jasper will help ...


Calendar Russia 2010 – Moscow and Golden Ring

The calendar: The region of the power. The mighty churches of the "Golden Ring" always interest the traveler. The old Russian architecture reflects the changeable past of Russia again. There is not only the capital of Moscow, There is a many cities at the river Wolga. The observer succumbs to the fascination of outstanding photographies that is sedate in scene optimally. Each leaf of the calendar is printed on both sides, a photography is in the upper area and in the low part of the calendars of the respective month. Additionally, spaces present themselves there for own enrollments ...


Kurt Fleckenstein at the Art Festival “The Level of a Sea” St Petersburg

The “Sea Level” metaphor, which unites the seashore cultures, became the key one in the concept of the St Petersburg festival. Such uniting is not accidental. The ancient civilizations, with their rich culture and art, existed exactly in a dialog with a sea. Ebbs and flows determined the rhythm of the life of people; the people’s well-being depended on the sea. Only the middle – optimal – level of the sea guaranteed the uninterrupted development of culture and civilization. The ancient laws still stand in new times. In the second half of the 20th century on the territory of the former USSR the ...


Manuel Hachenburger informs: Promise, nothing as a promise!

For 40 years it has been for no-one was capably of it government, excellent to lower the national debts, neither the coalition nor the opposition! It came to the great, tax increase in the story of Germany through the grand coalition in 2008. It further came to the great, national debt of all times in 2009. A value of 2 billions euros is soon reached. At a, redemption of only 2% lasts the take down 600 years. Modern vehicles need less and less petrol, lasting into, the 80 he which was price by 35 cent and the vehicles consumed by 15 litres, year is the value at approx. 1.30 euros at a consu ...


Amber jewelry myths still live At

Yellow, which is entirely inflexible pant muggins, has got taller, through the discernment of femininity, being of rings. Orangey necklaces is forthwith more or fewer a portion of our lives. The inequality between now and decades occasion is only alone: everyone can ration a sector of yellowness necklaces topical and doesn’t be aware what to do with it, but an inclination juncture ago nation assumed its powers and an articulation of them couldn’t provide to preserve this supportive of earrings. The nonpareil constitutive apt to yellowness was lepton. After that, around the ordinal century B.C ...

21.09.2009 explain the how to promote discount Blue sand stone jewelry in the cheap jewelry busi

Blue sand stone is a beautiful and attractive ore, with the glittering material in the shape of spots. This stone comes in dark blue which is close to purple. The sand inside occurs the blue color, for this reason, this substance is named "Blue sand stone". Discount blue sand stone jewelry symbolizes the courage and perseverance. It helps with wealth-seeking and wealth-collecting. It has hardness between 5 and 6. The brilliant stars shining in the dark blue sky bring courage, confidence and willpower and boost vitality and energy. Wearing this wholesale jewelry can help people calm ...

16.09.2009 interpret The fashion jewelry trend in 2009 to 2010

With time goes by, the jewelry fashion trend has changed. In this year, the fashion jewelry is gemstone jewelry, but do you know what jewelry will be popular in the next year? As we know, the gold is more expensive than ever, so many people are turning to natural stones jewelry such as gemstone jewelry. They are so beautiful and the designs are getting better and better, so you do not have to end with little designs. fashion jewelry of colors and are affordable and changing all the time. They are made of coral or turquoise, crystal etc. for example, coral necklace is almost bright red, it i ...


6 Keys to Selecting The Right Golf School

There are many criteria to selecting the school that is worthy of the investment, and this is not an exhaustive list. However, consider these to get you focused on what is important to you. ...


calendar Ireland - the green island in 2010 - black-and-white

The calendar: A nice scenery enchants if about the land a warm light spreads out. However, Ireland points more, every day contains four seasons, it is raining, it is storming, the rain whips over the streets and suddenly it clears up, the steel-blue sky like a warm summer morning. Green in all color nuances, meadows, pastures and all kinds of shrubbery as far as the eye can see. The color-splendid gardens and full to green parks point the way. In addition small, quiet and strength-donating places, Early-Christian cloisters and stone circles, high-crosses and dramatic cliff formations like the ...

11.09.2009 introduce Style of fashion necklace

The ornament of necklace to a body is the earliest piece of jewelry for a person. Necklace has the decorative features, but some necklace also has a special display effects, such as the Catholic crucifix chain and Buddhist prayer beads. And this type of necklace is called religious jewelry. From ancient times to the time when the people are going to beautify the human body itself and also beautify the environment, manufacturing a variety of different styles, different characteristics, and different style of necklace to meet the different need for the same ethnic groups and different aesthetic ...


Infantelina Contemporary: "A better world"

Infantellina Contemporary opened on October 18th, 2008 and is located in Gendarmenmarkt, the elegant district. The gallery's aim is to bring into the Berlin's art scene a warm southern European ray of sun. I-C ist the first and only Berlin gallery featuring 100% Italian contemporary art. In our comprehensive and eclectic exhibition program, we offer to an international audience, a selection of artworks by young established artists as well as new up and coming talents, active in different media, with an eye for experimentation. I-C has, moreover, the ambition to foster the artists&# ...


Calendar Mongolia 2010

The calendar: The slightly populated land of the earth, Mongolia promises untouched nature, rest and calmness. It fascinates us by her extensive contrasts between traditional and modern life-styles. Mongolia still lives by her simplicity. It connects breathtaking mountain landscapes and fresh meadows in the north with weird cliff formations and the desert Gobi in the south in a unique way. The viewer succumbs to the fascination of outstanding photographies that is sedate in scene optimally. Each leaf of the calendar is printed on both sides, a photography is in the upper area and in the low p ...



The nominees are Eva Maria Bogar (Hochschule für Gestaltung, Pforzheim), Simon Hannibal Fischer (AMD, München), Sam Frenzel (FHTW Berlin), Arkadius Giesek (AMD Düsseldorf), Derya Issever (FH Berlin), Sasa Kovacevic (Weißensee, Berlin), Chantal Margiotta (Weißensee, Berlin), Lena Pfeil (HTW Berlin). The jury consists of Melissa Drier (German Correspondent Women´s Wear Daily), Marcus Luft (Fashion Director Gala/Gala Style), Dr. Adelheid Rasche (Director of the collection Modebild - Lipperheidesche Kostümbibliothek), Prof. Stephan Schneider (Designer and Professor for fashion-design at the ...


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