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RFID Windshield Tag - - DAILY RFID released a latest RFID tag for Vehicle Tracking with a low cost.

DAILY RFID recently announced availability of their RFID Windshield Tag designed to deliver long read range at lower cost for customers automating vehicle which obtains access control to gated communities, secured parking and other areas. The cost of each Windshield Tag is even lower than 1.4USD. DAILY RFID( ) standardized RFID Windshield Tag is a 86cm by 54cm adhesive label engineered to provide a read range 9 ~ 15 feet using a passive Windshield RFID inlay, specifically developed by DAILY RFID to be read through windshields. Orders are shipped wi ...


New Ex-pz controller for zone 2 by Quintex

The overpressure encapsulation (ex-p) makes it possible to use not explosion-proof equipment in hazardous areas. The overpressure encapsulation is the idea, to keep away explosive gas from the non-ex-devices. The explosion protection by pressurized system is realized by using the non-explosion devices in a overpressurized housing (p ex-housing). This housing by a permanent pressure with air or inert gas keeps away a potential explosive atmosphere. Depending on the application and existing explosion protection zone, before using the devices or controlsystems the housing must be flushed. This wi ...


Minicom Unveils New Line of Multi-User, Remote Access KVM Switches

Zurich, Switzerland (July 30th, 2008) - Minicom Advanced Systems, a leading developer of KVM switch and extension technology, is launching two new multi-user, remote access KVM switches for IT managers of server rooms and data centers – the Smart 216 IP and the Smart 232 IP. The new products enable one local and two remote system administrators secure, BIOS level access and control of up to 16 or 32 servers. Two additional remote users can also operate serial sessions for controlling serial devices such as routers, managed network switches or PDUs. And, like all Smart line KVM switches, the ...


Reliable melt index value determination with APC - Adaptive Parameter Configuration

The method usually employed for evaluating the quality of thermoplastic resins is by determining the melt mass flow rate (MFR) or the melt volume flow rate (MVR) (e.g. to DIN EN ISO 1133). As the test is easy to carry out and requires relatively little equipment, it enjoys great popularity in the plastics processing, compounding and recycling industries. With this method a plastic melted mass is extruded (using a piston) under a fixed load through a die of standardized dimensions. The MFR or MVR, which characterizes the flow property of the plastic, is obtained from the extrusion rate. The M ...


Do toys pose a risk for our children?

A toy is defined in law as a product intended for children under 14 to play with. Every year thousands of new toys enter the market and as parents we don’t expect them to harm our children, but how can we be sure? Since January 1, 1990, toys can only be placed in the European market if they bear the CE Mark. Toy manufacturers are therefore under a legal obligation to ensure that their products are thoroughly tested, and they and their dealers have special tests performed by organisations such as LGA in Nuremberg, Germany. After successful results the LGA can also award the GS (geprüfte S ...


Formula One Team now counts on connectors by BTR NETCOM

To establish a high-speed, secure data exchange between car and pit stall the first F1 Team now relies on the new connector family E-DAT Industry with STEADYTEC® technology by BTR NETCOM, a company of the METZ CONNECT Group. Hectic activity in the pit stall: The driver stops his race car – now every second counts. Cables are connected as data has to be transmitted rapidly from the engine to the pit stall. The mobile 19“ rolling cabinets are an important link, they accommodate computers and peripherals for data transfer. In addition various measuring equipment cars and control panels and the ...


Traceability goes anti-counterfeit

Nottuln/Germany, 28.03.2008. The worldwide smallest counterfeit-proof micro colour-code particles SECUTAG® protect branded products against forgery. Barcodes, RFID or data-matrix codes have established themselves in the area of product traceability. For the first time, the German company 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH now launches a new system solution that combines the counterfeit-proof micro colour-code system SECUTAG® with the logistic benefits of the different well-tried traceability codes. Both types of codes are conjointly applicable to the same product, its primary or secondary packagi ...


The Market for Personal Protective Equipment: UK

The UK market for personal protective equipment grew in value by 13,1% over the last five years. Reasons for such growth resulted from the increased awareness of the legislation and widespread concern about health and safety matters. The positive development is expected to continue over the next five years. In this new report (February 2008), MSI analyses the UK market for Personal Protective Equipment for a five-year review period (2003-2007) and a five year forecast period up until 2012. The market is segmented into: head protection, body protection, upper limbs protection and lower limbs p ...


Minicom’s Latest IP Gateway Controls Data Center Serial Devices

Jerusalem, Israel (January 23rd, 2007) – Minicom Advanced Systems, a leading manufacturer of KVM solutions for remote server management, today announced the launch of the PX Serial, the latest addition to Minicom’s PX range of IP gateways. The addition of the serial capability now enables remote access to serial targets in server rooms and data centers. The smart and compact RS232 device lets any number of remote users access and control any number of individual serial devices including headless servers, routers, managed network switches and serially-based power management devices. According t ...


Minicom unveils industry’s longest range player-to-screen distribution system

Jerusalem, Israel (December 11th, 2007) – Minicom Advanced Systems is proud to announce the extended range of its DS Vision 3000. The CATx based distribution system which delivers HD video and stereo-audio content from a player to multiple screens has doubled its scope from 300m (1000ft) to 600m (2000ft). According to Eran Kessel, Vice President for Marketing at Minicom, “The increased range of the DS Vision 3000 makes it an even more powerful solution to any digital signage solution. To be able to send high quality images over this distance and price-performance is something that no-one els ...


Ruby Jet Nozzles – Too Valuable to Throw Away

Even though the process in the paper production uses high quality and long lasting jet nozzles, especially those with ruby inserts, most users regard these equipment as disposable items. Frequently these nozzles get replaced when dirt effects performance and the nozzles don’t produce a perfect laminar stream. Thanks to the modern quality and longevity of the new jet nozzles, this uneconomic and potentially expensive habit procedure becomes obsolete. Modern jet nozzles with ruby inserts perform with the same quality and longevity as new products after they were professionally cleaned and re-wor ...


Burj Dubai – with parquet from Lopark

Dubai is the land of superlatives: Whether the man-made “Palm Islands”, “The World” or the first 7-star hotel in the world “Burj al Arab”, there is already a tradition in Dubai of mega projects which cause worldwide interest and excitement.. Yet, they will all be in the shadow of “Burj Dubai”, the tallest building in the world. The world record has already been broken. Since the 21st July Burj Dubai (= Tower of Dubai), which is still under construction, is the tallest building in the world and in the process has overtaken Taipeh 101, which is named after the number of its floors, with a tota ...


Classen raises action against Kronotex for infringement of surface technology patent

Classen had already, at that time, ensured protection for itself with a process for producing and structuring a flooring panel where, during production of a laminate floor it is possible to do away with the décor paper and print the décor directly onto the bearer material and finally covered with a protective layer in which abrasion resistant material is mixed. Classen are of the opinion that particular products produced by Kronotex in large numbers make use of the technology in the aforementioned patent as they are produced using a sandwich construction of a printed bearer and an overlay wit ...


5. CENIT Aerospace Event on September 26, 2007 in Hamburg

Stuttgart, August 23, 2007 – Wednesday, September 26, 2007, Stuttgart-based systems house CENIT will welcome specialists from all over the world to the 5th CENIT Aerospace Event in Hamburg, Germany. For the first time, this year´s event will take place at Terminal Tango of Hamburg Airport. This year´s main topics are "The Digital Factory in the Aircraft Industry" and "Composite Design & Manufacturing". Most informative presentations will introduce current trends and the challenges within the aerospace industry. Speakers will be internationally acclaimed specialists fr ...


Legal standing of Classen megaloc patent positively confirmed

This positive decision for Classen is based on the patent infringement action in which the said manufacturer of laminate flooring raised against its competitor Kronotex on the 17th July 2006 at the district court in Düsseldorf. Kronotex makes use of the so-called “5g-Technology” from Välinge as licensee. According to the Judge in Düsseldorf the “5g-technology” infringes on the older Megaloc patent from Classen. In addition, the judge had no doubts about the validity of the Megaloc patent. A further patent infringement action against Välinge will take place before the court in Düsseldorf in Sep ...


AddiTherm Crystallit ACrV2, the new highlight from germany

The new german product AddiTherm Crystallit ACrV2 revolutionary the international foam industry. AddiTherm Crystallit ACrV2 causes the multiple quantity of foam. The previous lack to MDI, this propellants to this foam production is past. A difficult blow in the chemical industry from the MDI and polyol productions. The worldwide greatest producer from MDI and polyol is the german company Bayer AG. From Bayer AG, no comments!!! The lucrative business with the MDI fault is history. A quota of MDI will well worldwide give it no more. A little german companygroup has Paroli offered the big che ...


Hexis launches Carprotect

The Hexis Carprotect film is a transparent 150μm self-adhesive Urethane film specially designed for the durable protection of vehicle bodies. With its excellent shock proofing properties it protects vehicle paintwork against environmental aggressions such as stone chipping, scratches, carwash brushes, insect debris etc. The film is totally transparent and as good as invisible and thus does not alter the vehicle colour. Sercovam, an independent laboratory, successfully tested the film for compliance with Renault industrial standard specifications for self-adhesive vehicle protection f ...


Echelon and i-Logicon Team to Deliver Energy Management and Process Controls to India’s Market

(SAN JOSE, CA – June 2007) - Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON), a leading provider of networking technology that is used to manage and reduce energy consumption, and i-Logicon Control Automation Pvt. Ltd., a leading service provider in controls, energy management and information technology solutions today announced a collaboration to reduce energy and operating costs for industrial and manufacturing industries in India. The Energy Management Solution (EMS) developed by i-Logicon utilizes Echelon’s LonWorks® based smart “energy nodes” and the i.LON 100® to monitor and control equipment based ...


CLASSEN megaloc - Success at Domotex 2007

As “surely the quickest and simplest installation system” the laminate flooring specialist Classen presented its new installation system CLASSEN megaloc at Domotex 2007. It was the most noticed exhibition highlight in the laminate manufacturer’s hall. Embedded in the presentation of the new collection structures displayed on its exhibition stand Classen offered, as one of the worlds leading laminate flooring manufacturers, a fully rounded concept. “With megaloc we have created a system which will revolutionise the installation of wooden and wood based flooring. According to our opinion it d ...


The Classen Group gives notice to withdraw Patent cooperation with Välinge

The Classen group had previously, at Domotex in 2006, publicly presented the Classen Megaloc – an extremely successful vertical locking system for hard flooring. At Domotex in 2007 it was shown that from now on the complete collection of laminate flooring from the Classen Group has been changed to incorporate this simple and quick installation technique. Prior to the Domotex in 2007 the Classen Group had reached an agreement with another company offering a vertical locking system, Välinge AB (Sweden), which covered a joint marketing and licensing for various types of flooring products. From t ...


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