Interoute opens for business in Miami to address strategic Americas demand

New Point-of-Presence expands Interoute’s Americas coverage and supports access to South America New Point-of-Presence expands Interoute’s Americas coverage and supports access to South America

London, 8 November 2016 – Interoute, owner operator of a global cloud services platform and one of Europe''s largest networks, today announced that it has opened a new core location in Miami. The new Point of Presence (PoP) expands the reach of Interoute’s platform for all Interoute customers with a fourth location in the Americas region. Building on Interoute’s existing U.S. presence in New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, the new Miami site delivers high capacity connectivity and unified communications services for the South Eastern U.S., as well as serving as an important hub for South America.

Miami is the second most entrepreneurial city in the US[1], and Florida ranks among the top five U.S. states for the number of tech industry workers in employment[2]. In order to support this thriving business community and give them the tools to compete across all areas, it is vital that access is available to high performance connectivity, communications and cloud services. These tools will help businesses differentiate themselves when it comes to customer experience, and speed to market, both locally and abroad.

The new PoP provides access to Interoute’s portfolio of enterprise communications services, 17 cloud computing zones across the U.S., Asia and Europe, managed hosting services, as well as high capacity, low latency connectivity. Businesses can now enjoy a resilient and local routing network capability, while leveraging Interoute’s global reach. Interoute’s network connects Europe, the Middle East, and Asia through to the US, with Miami the new Southernmost Americas location for Interoute.

Mark Lewis, EVP, Communications & Connectivity, at Interoute, said: “Miami is home to a burgeoning tech scene. Combine this with its unique role as the pivot between North and South America, both geographically and culturally, and it makes for a key addition to Interoute’s footprint. For European and Global enterprises looking for quality services in the South East U.S., as well as delivery into the Caribbean and South America, Interoute offers a compelling proposition.”

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1. Source: The Kauffman Index of Startup Activity, 2016.
2. Source: The Comptia Cyberstates 2016™ Research report.

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