Criminals set to benefit from Christmas delivery frustration

Survey shows desperate measures shoppers take to get hold of online deliveries 5 December 2016, London. Christmas 2016 could be a lucrative time for the criminal fraternity according to a national survey of UK shoppers. The survey, commissioned by Shutl, the platform that gives people control over their deliveries, found that 18 per cent of shoppers are prepared to leave a window or door unlocked to ensure delivery of an online Christmas gift.

While most people (42 per cent) have asked family or friends to wait in for a delivery, not everyone can take this approach. Over one third (36 per cent) of shoppers are prepared to risk giving someone they don’t know well the keys to their house to avoid the dreaded ‘missed delivery’ card.

The desperation continues with more people (9 per cent) having pretended to be sick in order to wait in for a Christmas delivery this year compared to 2015 (5 per cent). Company directors are the worst sick-day offenders with 29 per cent admitting to pulling a sickie in the past in order to wait for a delivery. It must be a successful ploy as the same 29 per cent would be prepared to do it again.

The survey also found:
• People in Northern Ireland are the most trusting (35 per cent) compared to just 10 per cent of those living in the East of the country prepared to leave a window or door unlocked
• Other shoppers are the most frustrating thing about Christmas gift shopping (39 per cent)
• One in five (20 per cent) of shoppers think that Christmas shopping is the most stressful part of Christmas.
• One quarter (25 per cent) of shoppers wish Christmas shopping was easier

Commenting, Jason Travaria, head of delivery, Shutl, says:

“Delivery should ultimately be about getting something from A to B, not detrimentally impacting someone’s quality of life in the process. These findings reflect the frustration online shoppers feel when it comes to getting their hands on their online purchases and the desperate measures they are prepared to take. Thankfully technology means that it’s easier for shoppers to look around for an alternative retailer who can deliver according to their needs, without the risk of theft or a workplace disciplinary in the process.”

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