AttoCore supplies LTE Enhanced Packet Core software to UK’s Emergency Services

Delivered as part of Network In A Box component in Excelerate Technology Solution Cambridge, UK, 19th February 2019 – AttoCore today announced that its flagship AttoEPC product is being used by Excelerate Technology as part of its mission critical communications solution for Emergency Services.

Excelerate is the global market leader in the end to end supply and integration of resilient communications solutions, designed by Excelerate to perform in the most challenging environments, where fast deployment is essential.

Excelerate’s requirement was for a means of providing guaranteed LTE coverage at emergency sites, without relying upon the radio access networks of the commercial mobile operators. With access to LTE capable spectrum, Excelerate designed a portable Network In A Box solution, which could be deployed within a vehicle, transported to and operated at the site of an emergency, either within the vehicle itself, or carried and used outside the vehicle by an emergency responder.

The Network In A Box was created by combining the small cell expertise of cellXica with the Enhanced Packet Core solution from AttoCore.

AttoCore’s AttoEPC software has been deployed in a cellXica SC5 Base Station to create the Network In A Box, which is capable of providing a portable “bubble” of LTE coverage for 10 simultaneous emergency service users, at a distance of 1 km.

AttoCore has developed its AttoEPC software to be interoperable with a wide range of base stations (eNodeB) and user devices (UE). The software has a very small footprint and AttoCore undertakes continuous automated testing to ensure that it is implemented to a high level of quality, making it ideal for deployment as a component of a Network In A Box. The development of the software tracks the 3GPP releases and planned enhancements will include the Mission Critical capabilities defined in 3GPP releases 12, 13 and 14.

David Neil, AttoCore Chief Technology Officer, commented: “Reliable communications are essential to the delivery of emergency services and Excelerate Technology has repeatedly demonstrated that it is the world leader in the provision of mission critical solutions. We are delighted to be working with cellXica in providing Excelerate Technology with a flexible and agile LTE communications solution as a component of a mission critical communications solution for Emergency Services, incorporating AttoEPC LTE core software.”

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