New evidence supports the positive impact of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

26 September 2019: A new report from PSI Talent Management reveals substantial academically verified evidence that Emotional Intelligence (EI) predicts job performance, supports employee engagement, enhances wellbeing and is important for effective leadership.

Accumulated evidence from over 30 years of research on EI is brought together for the first time in a report that answers important questions for organisations deciding how best to apply EI in assessment and development.

The key findings to emerge from this unique consolidation of academic literature show:

• a significant correlation between EI and job performance, particularly in roles with high emotional labour such as customer service, sales and management.
• individuals with high EI experience more job satisfaction and organisational commitment, as well as lower turnover intentions.
• EI is strongly linked to agile leadership, and the EI of leaders has a significant influence on the job satisfaction of their people.
• Using EI for development is an effective method to build resilience, reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.
• EI is developable and sustainable over time.

The last two decades have seen an exponential growth in the need for EI, driven by an increasing demand from organisations struggling to cope with instability, digitalisation, increased competition and information overload. While early claims about the impact of EI lacked data, the large research base now available proves that EI adds clear value:

• many of the current challenges faced by organisations can be supported through the application of EI.
• EI increases the prediction of multiple dimensions of performance important for the modern workplace – such as adapting, initiating, managing and interacting – over and above other assessment methods.
• attitudinal and interpersonal factors, and an inability to understand and manage emotions, are more closely linked to job failure than lack of technical skills.

Jo Maddocks, Chief Psychologist at PSI Talent Management, says, “The first, and often most challenging, step for many talent management and HR professionals is to convince others of the value of EI. This report presents organisations already applying EI assessment and development programmes, and those thinking about introducing them, with a solid evidence base to support the impact of EI in the workplace.

“According to current predictions, EI will continue to be a priority for organisations for many years to come. The question now needs to be less about whether EI adds value, and more about where and how EI can add the most value.”

Download the full report here: https://content.psionline.com/the-impact-of-emotional-intelligence-in-the-workplace

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