Moorwand wins duo of industry awards

Dedicated BIN sponsor, issuer and acquirer wins Mastercard ‘Market Shaker’ and Emerging Payments Association awards London 4th October 2019 – Moorwand, a dedicated BIN sponsor that turns compliance into a competitive advantage, has won Mastercard ‘Market Shaker’ and Emerging Payments Association awards. The company has also been nominated for the Fintech Power 50.

Moorwand is a dedicated BIN sponsor, issuer and acquirer that turns compliance into competitive advantage for its clients. Led by payments pioneer Robert Courtneidge, and trusted by incumbents and innovators alike, Moorwand provides Electronic Money Services and access to card schemes along with unparalleled legal, regulatory and payments expertise.

Recognising its pioneering work driving disruptive change and novel thinking in a fast-moving consumer obsessed digital world, Mastercard awarded Moorwand its ‘Market Shaker’ award for priceless contribution in the development of a cashless society.

Moorwand also won the Marketing Campaign of the Year at the Emerging Payment Awards for Fintech Unplugged. Hosted by Moorwand’s CEO, Robert Courtneidge, and Suresh Vaghjiani, CEO of Tribe Payments, Fintech Unplugged provides an informative, educational and entertaining perspectives on the biggest issues in fintech, helping industry stakeholders navigate a fast-moving industry.

The Fintech Power 50 is an annual guide to the most influential, innovative and powerful companies in the fintech industry. Moorwand has been nominated for the exclusive programme that recognises the game changers, movers, and shakers who are really making a difference to our industry.

“The fintech sector is moving at a frantic pace with new entrants and business models introducing both opportunity and risk into the market. Moorwand is uniquely placed to identify disruptive developments before they appear, understand the impact of regulations before they are enforced, and anticipate the next waves of innovation before they break,” said Robert Courtneidge CEO of Moorwand. “I believe it is our responsibility to help business navigate this change through education, consultancy and solutions. And I’m delighted that the industry is recognising our work in this area.”

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