TeamUltra announces Strategic Consulting Service for the Now Platform

• Dedicated practice ensures Now Platform transformation projects deliver customer success TeamUltra - a Computacenter Company - today announced the launch of a newly formed practice, dedicated to providing strategic ServiceNow consulting services. The service will help companies to establish a sound strategy and governance around the Now Platform. This provides a solid foundation for ensuring ServiceNow delivers the expected benefits from digitising workflows, such as lower costs, improved user experience, accelerated time to value and faster ROI.

To maximise value from the Now Platform, companies should look at the range of applications across the enterprise and broaden their vision beyond IT or ITSM improvements. Using vast experience gained from over 750 transformation projects, TeamUltra Strategic Consulting provides a suite of tailored services required to leverage the full power of the Now Platform, enabling customers to:

• Understand how the Now Platform can support business transformation goals
• Correctly align ServiceNow strategy with business and technical goals
• Translate agreed objectives into an optimal project/programme of delivery
• Identify the key benefits to be achieved from a successful Now platform deployment
• Work with a strategic partner that can support every stage of the ServiceNow journey

The Strategic Consulting Service is suitable for all customers irrespective of where they are with ServiceNow. Companies that are already using the Now Platform but aren’t getting the value they expected typically need help with creating a clear strategic direction for the Now Platform to ensure it can deliver maximum business benefit.

Organisations that are just starting out on their digital transformation journey or are new to the Now Platform need robust guidance on how to roadmap their journey, apply best practice in deploying the Now Platform, integrate the platform with other enterprise processes and how to successfully expand over time to digitise business workflows outside of traditional ITSM requirements.

Companies will get the most of out of the Now Platform when it is used as a strategic platform for change that enables you to connect workflows across all departments, apps, and systems.

Paul Richards, Director of Sales at TeamUltra said, “The Now Platform is the clear market choice for companies looking to achieve successful digital transformation. The platform’s breadth and depth mean that many organisations need help with realising its full potential. Our Strategic Consulting service combines the latest platform insights and best practices with strong product and technical leadership. Our consultants work closely at the C-level to create the right plan to achieve optimum business value by aligning the platform with strategic objectives and then translating that strategy into delivery. Customers benefit from projects that are implemented on time, deliver the expected user experience improvements and demonstrate faster ROI.”

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