Six Seasonal Subjects for Retail Marketers

A Christmas Guide to Smart Marketing Tactics from Go Inspire Group (Leicester, 17 October 2019) As the 2019 run-up to Christmas gains momentum for retailers, marketing professionals are faced with an unusually difficult environment. Political uncertainties are likely to affect consumer spending during this all-important time of year for retail annual profitability. On top of this, murmurings about the threat of a global recession may also suppress the usual seasonal generosity of gift-giving.

In the light of these challenges, Go Inspire Group has distilled some of the collective retail marketing wisdom of its 30 year experience into a handy checklist guide, entitled “6 Pre-Christmas Posers”, which can be downloaded at: https://www.goinspire.co.uk/pre-christmas-posers. The document highlights some leading practices in retail marketing that have made a significant commercial difference to past years’ Christmas performance.

The techniques outlined in the Go Inspire guide draw on initiatives that have helped leading retailers stand out from the competition at this critical time of year. The six subjects covered include topics such as; differentiating Christmas purchase patterns (spending on others) from year-long profiles (spending on self & family); and the power of discrete Christmas incentives, differentially targeted to individuals, rather than blanket promotions visible to the competition.

Pat Headley, Go Inspire Group CEO, comments, “This is a critical time for retail, and this year looks like being even more of a challenge than usual. Most marketing plans for the season will have already swung into action, but inevitably some initiatives will perform well, while others will not. This is especially the case where the political and economic environment is so volatile from one moment to the next. So it’s as well for retail marketers to have recourse to some powerful back-up tactics. This is where our checklist guide could help.”

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