Europe to hold larger share of In-Flight Catering Services Market due to the growing tourism

Various brands of food & snacks worldwide are expected to enter in-flight catering services market due to its high profitability and growing customers’ preference. Moreover, the introduction of mobile and online ordering systems is further predicted to fuel the market.
Global In-Flight Catering Services Market is estimated to grow considerably in the coming years owing to the growth in air passengers and enhanced service innovations by airline firms. Inflight catering services offer food and meals to the passengers on-board. They not only provide meals to the aircraft passengers but also serve to the restaurants at the airport terminals. Newly built airports have several outlets that offer variety of food items & beverages to the passengers. Food catering service for passengers during their journey is contracted by flight catering group of a renowned hotel, or by the catering group operated by the airline itself as a business, or by any catering contractor.

Various brands of food & snacks worldwide are expected to enter in-flight catering services market due to its high profitability and growing customersallow comparatively wider range of foods due to availability of large space.

The key drivers of in-flight catering services market comprise the increase in number of passengers who wish to have nutritious and healthy food irrespective of the seating class. The economy passengers are now demanding high quality food items, which is again expected to boost the market. To offer something unique to customers, in-flight catering service providers are emphasizing on providing culturally diverse food to the passengers. The inclination of buy on-board food is also increasing with the airlines abolishing the idea of complimentary meals.

Healthy snacks and mini-meals are also gaining attraction along with increasing number of health conscious passengers. The in-flight catering services market also looks for food safety, which is becoming one of the key areas of focus due to food quality and hygiene becoming major factors for travelers before selecting the airline. Furthermore, technological improvements for in-flight ordering systems is also propelling the growth of the market. For example, airline business have started making use of digital devices to receive food and beverages order from on-board passengers. Nevertheless, the major challenge faced by in-flight catering services market is aiming on reducing cost and weight for optimizing fuel consumption.

The market is categorized on the basis of service type, provider type, offering type, airline category, and geography. On the basis of service type, market is divided into economic service and premium service among which economic service is expected to register significant market share in terms of revenue.

Based on provider type, complete solution provider segment is expected to hold larger share in future. On the basis of offering type, market is divided into breakfast, main courses, beverages, starter & platters, and desserts. Main course segment is projected to dominate in-flight catering services market in the coming years. In terms of airline category, market is split into low cost carrier, charter/private carriers, and full service carrier. Low cost carrier is expected to grow considerably in future.

Geographically, market is segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Europe, followed by Middle East & Africa is expected to hold larger share of market due to the growing market tourism.
The key players in in-flight catering services market include Air Culinaire Worldwide, Emirates Flight Catering, Compass Group, Dnata, Jetfinity, Egypt Air Inflight Services, Gate Gourmet, Do & Co., Goddard Catering, Sats, Lsg Skychef, Newrest, Servair, and Cathay Pacific Inflight Services

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