Key figures from NASA, Air Force Research and The Aerospace Corporation to present at Small Satellites 2020

SMi Reports: Leading experts confirmed to speak at Small Satellites conference 2020 SMi Group is proud to announce that the Small Satellites conference which will take place on 27th – 28th April 2020 in London.

As part of SMi’s new Space week, the conference aims to offer an in-depth insight on the future of commercial and military space in the LEO small satellites market. Key topics at this event will include the legal policy framework for operating in space, creating a regulatory structure to support the small satellite industry, and how data networking across small satellite constellations is enabling new connectivity on the ground.

The event’s largest early bird savings of £400 expires on 13th December. Secure your place on the event website: http://www.small-satellites.com/Realwirepr2

With the U.S. moving at E.P.I.C speed, prototyping and developing small satellites rapidly we are delighted to announce the following U.S. presentations at Small Satellites 2020:

• ‘Keynote Address: NASA’S Small Spacecraft Technology Program: Pushing the Boundaries of Technology’ presented by Mr Roger Hunter, Programme Manager, Small Spacecraft and Technology, NASA
• ‘Applications for Small & Cube Satellites’ presented by Ms Charlene Jacka, Branch Chief Engineer, Air Force Research Lab / Space Vehicle Directorate
• ‘Driving Go Fast Efforts Across the Enterprise’ presented by Ms KiMar Gartman, Catalyst Space Accelerator Program Director, Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation
• ‘Prototyping at Aerospace’s Xlab’ presented by Mr David Hinkley, Senior Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation

International organisations presenting include:

• Israeli Space Agency
• Surrey Satellite Technology
• Gallagher Aerospace
• Federal Communications Commission
• Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR)

• International Telecommunication Union
• DTU Space
• Northumbria University
• Northern Sky Research (NSR)
• SatRevolution
• RAL Space
• Stara Space
• Satellite Applications Catapult
• Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

Visit the event website to view a full speaker line-up and download the conference brochure: http://www.small-satellites.com/Realwirepr2

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