ASC Recording Insights Offers Compliance Recording & Analytics for Microsoft Teams

• Seamless & fast customer onboarding
• Cognitive Services provide comprehensive analytics for the entire communication
• WealthVest uses the native app to fulfill compliance requirements
Hösbach, May 11, 2020 – Microsoft has announced its partners’ compliance recording solutions for Microsoft Teams. With ASC Recording Insights, ASC offers a native app that records and archives the entire compliance-relevant internal and external communications in Microsoft Teams. Cognitive Services are being applied to analyze the communication content and identify risks. All organizations with the legal obligation to record and archive their communication can now benefit from the seamless and fast onboarding process of ASC Recording Insights. Customers can activate the service today via the Microsoft Teams Store or Azure Marketplace.

Legally compliant recording and archiving with just one click
Customers in regulated industries including financial service providers will benefit from this solution as they now have a turnkey option for compliance-grade recording when making the decision to adopt Microsoft Teams. “ASC Recording Insights allows Microsoft Teams users to manage complex regulatory requirements for recording and archiving ‘with just one click’ within Teams", explains Dr. Gerald Kromer, CEO of ASC Technologies AG. This integrated application captures and stores in a compliant way in Microsoft data centers in the cloud, allowing customers to meet regulations such as MiFID II or Dodd-Frank.

Proactive compliance management with data analyses
ASC harnesses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to further analyze communication and turn it into valuable knowledge using automatic transcription, topic extraction, and emotion detection. Speech Services and Natural Language Processing Services are used to enable a proactive approach to compliance management directly within the app. Communication content can be transcribed, categorized, extracted, tagged, translated, and analyzed without human involvement. “By integrating Microsoft's Cognitive Services into ASC’s analytics use cases, all Microsoft Teams users will be able to meet compliance requirements, reliably detect cases of fraud and compliance breaches, and improve risk as well as quality management”, says Kromer.

WealthVest fulfilling compliance requirements with ASC Recording Insights
ASC Recording Insights is already being actively used by several customers, among them the contact center of WealthVest, an American financial services firm. The contact center is based exclusively on Microsoft Teams and uses ASC Recording Insights in order to fulfill compliance requirements. “We use ASC’s app for all communications that must be recorded including audio, video, screen or chat. We have deliberately opt-ed for the ASC solution because it currently is the only native app for compliance recording and archiving in Teams and fully meets all legal obligations," says Dillon Wood, Sr. Information Technology Specialist of WealthVest Marketing.

For more information about ASC Recording Insights please visit https://www.asc.de/english/ASC_Recording_Insights_for_Microsoft_Teams.html.

For more information about ASC’s portfolio please visit www.asc.de.

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