MyNeighborhood moves in to your area!

MyNeighborhood.net August 20, 2007 – Raleigh/Durham, NC – Start baking those cookies, put on your Sunday best and roll out the welcome wagon; MyNeighborhood is moving in! On Monday, August 20, MyNeighborhood (www.myneighborhood.net) launches their beta site in the Raleigh/Durham and San Francisco metropolitan areas. Prepare yourself for the Neapolitan ice cream of social networks. MyNeighborhood packs the triple punch of local networking, online classifieds, and destination recommendations!

MyNeighborhood will be using the high-tech San Francisco, CA and Raleigh-Durham, NC markets for the bi-coastal debut of the beta site. “Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco are tech boom towns with a population that’s transient and transplanted-just the sort of people who will benefit from our virtual community,” said Nils Andres, creator of MyNeighborhood. “After beta, we’ll be rolling out to other major metropolitan areas across the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Denver. Of course, users are free to access the site from anywhere so MyNeighborhood could enter your neighborhood soon!”

MyNeighborhood was developed by the Brand Science Institute, in Hamburg, Germany, and was released in Germany in June. As a comprehensive social network, MyNeighborhood offers users the ability to create profiles, post pictures, and network with friends and neighbors. MyNeighborhood adds integrated mapping and customized Avatars that simplify finding friends in the local area, as well as community bulletin boards for destination recommendations, posting tips for friends and finding treasures in the neighborhood. Users can post items that they wish to sell while browsing the items their neighbors have to offer.

By bringing social networking to the local level, MyNeighborhood fills the void left by other social networks. “Whether you’re looking for help as you move into a new place, want to offer your grass cutting skills to the landscaping-challenged, or are just looking for new friends in a new town, MyNeighborhood acts as your personal concierge and connects you with local folks with local interests,” added Mr. Andres.

Emily Carter
TAP Interactive for MyNeighborhood

Firma: MyNeighborhood

Ansprechpartner: Emily Carter
Stadt: Raleigh/Durham, NC
Telefon: 919-806-4477

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