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Pressemitteilungen zu dem Thema pc measurement technology


PresseMitteilungen zu dem Schlagwort pc measurement technology

USB-AD14f + OR8: Powerful Team for Measurement, Monitoring, and Control

Continuous monitoring of machines and plants helps to avoid damages, manufacturing errors, or expensive breakdowns. With temperature measurements, for example, overheating of frictional parts can be detected early. Before the whole production is disrupted, an emergency shutdown or cooling is started in time. This is just one example why monitoring and control of machines is necessary. BMC Messsysteme GmbH, longtime manufacturer for measurement technology made in Germany introduces a practical a ...


State-of-the-art Measurement Technology

Maisach/Munich, Germany. The measurement manufacturer BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) is announcing a new release of the bmcm Software Collection. Version 4.6 supports the currently available and the latest data acquisition systems of bmcm in particular. The NextView update is also free for holders of a NextView4 license. Continuous further development and sense for trendsetting technologies are decisive for a company to permanently compete internationally in the market. This is successfully demon ...


Optocoupler cards from bmcm: Measure, monitor, and control digital signals with galvanic isolation

If there is no electro-conductive contact between two circuits, we are talking about galvanic or electrical isolation. Amongst others it is required for safety reasons (e.g. to control engines), to separate potentials or prevent hum loops as well as electromagnetic interferences. If galvanic isolation is accomplished by optocouplers, digital signals can be transmitted fast and without interferences by light. In measurement and control technology, optocoupler cards serve as a link between the ...


Analog Backplane AP8a from bmcm: Connection Technology for 5B Modules and Sensors

The compact AP8a board from bmcm provides eight slots for measuring amplifiers and converters in 5B standard. Due to the variety of available 5B modules, even the most specific measurement tasks can be realized simply and individually. --> The analog backplane is particularly suitable for data acquisition in the industrial sector, for example on test stands. It can be mounted to a DIN rail. As the AP8a does not necessarily require a 5V power supply as ...


PCI-PIO: Digital I/O card from bmcm with quadrature decoder

It almost seems to be inconspicuous at first sight. As the saying goes, however, "Still waters run deep": Behind the highly-integrated design of the PCI-PIO board from bmcm lies a multifunctional concept. CMOS/TTL compatible digital signals can be recorded and output at two bidirectional 16-bit ports. The short latency of the PCI interface makes the PCI-PIO especially attractive for controlling tasks. --> The 3.3V and 5V mode short card is insta ...


Analog control via PCI/PCI Express with electrical isolation

If for the control of power supplies, frequency converters, or engines - potential differences between two circuits can lead to sudden discharges and cause heavy damages. Galvanic isolation is the solution here. With the new plug-on modules MDA16-2i, MDA16-4i, and MDA16-8i for the PCI and PCIe slot cards of the manufacturer of measurement technology BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), the question of electrical isolation is already solved. They allow for the control of up to 8 analog outputs - isolate ...


Measuring via PCI-Express

PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express), "PCIe" for short, is a PC interface allowing for the communication of peripheral components with the master processor of the PC. In the long term, PCIe will replace the PCI slots in the PC. Being one of the first manufacturers in the field of PC measurement, BMC Messsysteme GmbH provides a solution for the acquisition of measurement data via PCIe by developing a PCIe data acquisition card in latest technology. (--> http://www ...


New distributor for bmcm in Germany West

Reports about economic growth of companies may be rare in these days, but crises, however, are always a chance, too. Since the product range of bmcm provides a genuine alternative for high-priced measurement solutions, the manufacturer for data acquisition and PC technology continuously expands its business areas and adds an additional distributor to his team. As officially certified technician for building services engineering, Mr. Steffes is affected by practical orientation particularly to ...


Sensor technology at bmcm: Industrial sensors and strain gauges

In PC data acquisition, the selection of a sensor is the suitable starting point for many, to solve a measuring task. Basically, a measuring task means to record a certain physical quantity and to provide these values in digital form. In industrial production, for example, environmental conditions, such as temperature or humidity, must be measured permanently. In the field of testing, products have to pass stress tests performing strain measurements under force application, for instance. Scien ...


Measuring in wind and weather with the ZU-PBOX

In most instances, measurement applications are not feasible under laboratory conditions. Humidity and dirt constitute a great challenge to the technician in measurement technology. Especially in long-term measurements, they can represent a serious danger to successfully carry out the measurement task. Outdoor measuring applications, such as load tests at rail tracks, bridges or buildings, often have to be carried out over a long period to detect changes. The measurement technology used must be ...


Bmcm publishes updated version of their catalog for measurement systems

In measurement technology, data acquisition (DAQ) is the area responsible for recording and processing a physical quantity (e.g. voltage, temperature, speed). The field of PC-based data acquisition uses the computer as a tool to start scans, save and analyze signal values. In this case, physical quantities are recorded directly as voltages or by means of a sensor and are conducted to a data acquisition system connected to the PC. In the data acquisition unit, the recorded signals are digitized ...


Technology "made in Germany"

The brilliant idea of the PCI-BASE1000 is its modularity providing an enormous flexibility. With the selection of suitable data aqcuisition modules to equip the two module slots of the PCI-BASE1000 the customer decides about performance and price of his measurement system and is able to optimize the price-performance-ratio. The PCI-BASE1000 baseboard features 16 digital inputs and outputs each which means that the base board is a digital I/O card itself. The analog input and output modules samp ...


Amplifier system AMS8/16 and LAN measurement system AMS-LAN8/16: high-quality and compact measuremen

Maisach/Munich/Germany. Under the name of "AMS" (Amplifier Measurement System) the new product line of BMC Messsysteme GmbH offers up-to-date amplifier technology in 5B standard for individual requirements. In a solid, compact (½ x 19 inch) metal housing with the characteristic red frames of BMC Messsysteme GmbH high-quality measurement technology has been integrated in smallest space: the amplifier measurement system AMS8/AMS16 features 8 (AMS8) or 16 (AMS16) slots for 5B modules to ...


Digital sensors at bmcm - because data acquisition starts with the sensor ...

Measurement technology deals with the acquisition of physical quantities, like temperature, distances or speed, for example. Nowadays in industry it is an integral part of all development, manufacturing and optimization processes and is applied in the most different areas. Often measurements, monitoring and tests have to be conducted by staff with little or no relation to measurement technology. From experience the selection of the adequate sensor is the highest hurdle: • Which sensor is suita ...


OI optocoupler cards: Galvanic isolation of digital signals

If there is no electro-conductive contact between two circuits, we are talking about galvanic or electrical isolation. Amongst others it is required for safety reasons, to separate potentials or to prevent hum loops as well as electromagnetic interferences. If galvanic isolation is accomplished by optocouplers, digital signals can be transmitted fast and without interferences in an optical way. The OI optocoupler boards from BMC Messsysteme GmbH provide 16 digital inputs as well as 16 digita ...


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